Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Who’s Bubble Girl? and The Party At SexySocials.com


You  might have seen images from this goofy cartoon popping up around the web lately. That’s Pixie Stixx, a character from the upcoming animated show “The Top Secret Adventures of Bubble Girl an Pixie Stixx”.

We’ve never been shy about ridiculously long titles. Almost beat the record for Maddy’s brain child “Bubbles, Balloons & Other Stuff That Goes ‘Pop’ In My Mouth” as the longest title in our catalog.

It’s an animated adventure for adults about a couple of best friends who might have accidentally acquired super powers. This idea has been kicking around Maddy G for a couple of years now. It was originally going to be shot ‘Live Action’, but once we realized the costs, we shelved that idea. Then we began to put it together as a ‘Stop Motion’ project, ala Tim Burton, but then we realized the time involved in that. The idea was once again shelved.

Our third attempted gathers together some of the best CGI artists on the planet for a computer animated spectacle, ‘Maddy G Style’. It’s written by “Ohma” scribe Adam Moore and will be produced in 3D. (Yes, real 3D).

We’re a handful of people working on a handful of computers, so the render times involved in this project number into months, not hours, so we’re hoping to be able to premiere it in the fall.


If you haven’t been by the Play Place Site in awhile, it’s time to come back. There’s been a bit of a face lift, including a brand new tour of The Archives.

If you’re new to the ‘Maddy G Universe’, the ‘Archives’ is actually “Marie Madison’s Historical Film Archives”, our members only area that houses the complete collected works of Marie Madison. It’s been around about as long as we have, but it was in need of updating so it didn’t make the last big site re-design.

Before we go too far, say ‘hello’ to Carmen & Nina.


If you haven’t installed the free Virtua-Girl Software yet, Carmen and Nina’s ridiculous little show on your desktop is worth the time.

You thought I was gonna skip of the ‘V-Girl’ section of my blog, didn’t you? Not a chance.

Let’s get re-acquainted with Jenny, shall we?



Everyone’s favorite Poly-Honey is ramping up to the much anticipated Second Season of “Regarding Jenny”, which promises to be the biggest best run of episodes yet.

If you haven’t stopped by her blog, or checked in with her on SexySocials or Facebook lately, make sure you go say ‘hello’. There’s going to be lots of news coming from her camp soon.

And speaking of SexySocials, a few months ago, Tasha went and kicked the door in over there, and well… a whole bunch of ‘Maddy G Girls’ rolled in right behind her.

Rachel, Jade, Jenny, Maddy, Presley, Molly, Wendy and even chicks you probably haven’t talked to yet like Allison and Anna.


So, it’s a whole party over there, with a room full of Maddy G Girls, so you know something is bound to happen.

And of course, it has.

Within a month or so, the ladies are running the show. Collectively managing to change site policy (like convincing most the guys to change their profile pictures) and effectively running a few members off the site for being douche-bags.


And of course, a lot of members have figured out I’m the source of all those saucy ‘dressing room’ photos and a possible source for chewed gum and panties. (Hold your jokes please).

If you want in on the action, just open a profile at SexySocials.com and look us up.

When I’m not sneaking in pics of the Play Place girls acting retarded, I’ve been busy at work putting together “Regarding Jenny 2” as well as “Bubble Girl” and over seeing production on “WISP” and “Virgin Pockets”.

So, lots going on. Stay tuned.

- Mark

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