Monday, February 28, 2011

Someone Should Fund A Study About This


Around here, we call them “The Devoted”.

It’s a term that got started as a joke a long time ago, when Maddy got her first ‘Break Up Letter’ from a Psychiatrist on behalf of someone she had never met before.

The letter itself is long gone, but it said something to the effect of “Dear Ms. Madison, this letter is to inform you that my patient John Doe has chosen to  no longer maintain a relationship with you thru your web site. Mr. Doe would like you to know that this decision is not personal, and wishes you well.”


It was the first of two letters we would receive from Psychiatrists and Therapists in our first 10 years of running the site. These two, among the stacks of weird devotion letters, marriage proposals and the increasingly weird gifts that show up unannounced at our door.

Among these ‘tributes’ has been a pair of condoms filled with semen, tied off at the end with bows. We got a sticky Wendy’s napkin from someone who got “inspired” while in the restaurant and I guess really couldn’t wait to get home. As creepy as they are, these ‘gifts’ are meant to say “look what you made me do”. A ‘tribute’.

I didn’t know how creepy it actually is until our recent trip to Atlanta, where Maddy was telling a room full of big name Porn Stars some of the random things she gets in the mail.

“What are some of the weird things you guys get?”

“Uh, yeah… people don’t really send me stuff.”

”Yeah, me either.”

”You have some fucked up fans.”

And I’m in the middle of this conversation just shocked. We were working with some heavy hitters. Chicks who have fan bases that literally dwarf our ‘following’ in size and scope. Seriously… WTF?


The difference is “The Devoted”.

It doesn’t take a scientist to figure out what we’re doing here. It’s “The Truman Show of Porn”, or it’s a fucked up version of “Sims” or “Wizard of Oz”.


See, for over 10 years now, Maddy (Marie Madison) has been playing ‘Virtual Girlfriend’ with the entire world. While it looks like she’s filming everything from her roll play sex fantasies to her business meetings, what you are actually watching is an ‘enhanced’ version of reality. It’s enhanced for entertainment value, an exaggerated  version of what be sexier, sluttier, or just plain funnier.

In 2000, this was happening on VHS Tape and hand written letters thru the mail. If you’re over 30 you might remember ‘Thru the Mail’ interactive games like Diplomacy that was popular in the 80’s & 90’s. Like that, but involving ass sex and deep throat blowjobs. By 2005, VHS gave way to DVD and the internet had this ‘Enhanced Reality’ spilling over into Social Networks, Dating Profiles and what would eventually become the ‘Play Place Network’ of web sites.


It’s all combined and linked together, with the sites and the blogs, and the ‘Tweets’ and the Youtube videos… it all follows the same story line, like a 24 / 7 ‘Soap Opera’ with all the ‘characters’ interacting in their own way.

If you follow Jenny Densuke on Facebook, you get Jenny’s side of the same story. And because as a company, we’ve been doing this for over 10 years, we’ve gotten really good at it. We create a pretty convincing alternate reality.

And it’s been running a very long time. There are viewers that have been with us since the very, very beginning. Long enough that it’s become a part of their lives, and for a few of them, they completely forget that none of this is real.

Lately, there’s been a rash of weird letters and strange gifts, and so this whole thing has been on my mind. No one knows what the long term effects of living in a virtual world can have on the brain. As far as I know, there’s no studies.

But maybe there should be.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

More Evidence from Atlanta


I’ve never seen a Bukkake in real life before. I’ve seen video clips of them a couple of times, but never been in the room.

That was before Alexis Golden called and invited me to the set of a Mike South production.

For the uninitiated, Wikipedia defines it as:

Bukkake  pronunciation: /bˈkɑːk/ or /bʊˈkæk/) is a sexual act in which a woman is ejaculated on by several men.

They even include an illustration, which you won’t find in any of Webster’s famous Dictionary’s.


Let me tell you for certain… this is not really what it looks like.

Imagine if you filled your bath tub with a dozen or so Piranha on the verge of starvation.

Then imagine you drop your house cat in the bathtub.

It looks a little more like that.


That’s Alexis Golden on the left, and Ashlee Chambers on the right.

Now imagine, if your house cat suddenly ate all the Piranha in the bathtub.


That’s more like what I filmed on the afternoon of Day 2 in Atlanta.

You can download 37 minutes of the madness here, or by clicking either of the two pictures above. Both with the disclaimer, that while I was running 1 of the 3 camera’s in the room, I DID NOT edit this downloadable scene, and therefore can’t vouch for what’s included. For $18, it’s got at least some scientific value there I would think.

For my own scientific research I WILL be cutting a version of this scene. However, it’s Alexis’ footage and I can’t guarantee my version will ever be released anywhere.  Just FYI.

If I’ve somehow turned you onto some new kink in your life and you want to uhm, ‘research’ some more Bukkake, then there’s only one real source for the best stuff. Check out Mike South’s where you’ll find a pretty big collection of scenes from chicks who genuinely dig this kind of thing.

And Mike is a genuinely cool dude and a friend of ours in ‘the biz’.


The nasty little tryst between Jenny, Ashlee and Alexis is finally available so you know I wasn’t just making that shit up. These three GOT DOWN in a way I’ve never seen, with two MILF’s tearing it up with a HOT DOLL more than half their age. Damn.


You can click the picture above to be taken directly to the HD Download ($10.50) , or you can find it at in the Download Section.

Next up in my continuation of the “Atlanta Chronicles” is our run in with Karen & Tom Kougar.

- Mark

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Valentine’s Sales, Advice & A Bit of News


Take my advice guys, if you’re heading out on Monday night with the hopes of impressing your hot new ‘thing’, bring your PlaySafe Condoms and for the sake of clear thinking, don’t go out ‘Fully Loaded’. (Guys, you know what I mean)

For everyone reading, there are TWO HUGE SALES going on for Valentine’s Day .

First, has 38 of our Best Selling Titles in Stream-To-Own, iPOD/iPAD and High Definition Download formats at just $7.95. It’s a savings of over 50% on most titles.

Titles include “Indiscretions”, “Inside Marie’s Play Place”, “Alone at Last “, “80 Loads”, “Lil’ Stella’s Really Short Stories” and a whole pile of Alexis Golden films including “Introducing the Travel MILF”. This sale is actually going on right now, so go ahead and stock up.

On Valentine’s Day itself (Monday 2-14-11) will be completely FREE to all Members between 4pm and 6pm (EST). If you’re not a member, you’ll need to open a Free Account in advance. All VOD programming will be completely FREE so watch all you want. Our entire catalog is open for your amusement.

Okay Ladies… the rest of this blog isn’t for you.

Guys, the task at hand is what to watch during the sale. Whether it’s the free VOD or you take advantage of a few downloads, you can’t watch it all, so you’re going to have to prioritize depending on your goals.



Even though post-date sex is pretty much a ‘sure thing’, you want to go into the date feeling fuzzy and romantic. So, skip “The Agency” and head straight for any of the “Inside Marie’s Play Place” Series or “Indiscretions”.

The only deviance to this plan is in the case that your wife or long term girlfriend is a midget, then go for “Stella’s Really Short Stories”.

In the case that the two of you are watching together, then always, ALWAYS default to “Ladies Choice”. Hey, if your wife or girlfriend actually wants to watch free porn with you, then let her watch whatever she wants. Don’t be a douche bag.


If you’re trying to impress the Hot Chick from the Copy Room at work, then watch any of the “Naughty Bits” Series. You’ll end up with a head full of female orgasms and the motivation to blow this girl’s mind.



If either as a last resort, or just because ‘desperate & skanky’ happens to be your ‘thing’, random hookups from the Internet require one of two strategy’s. Either way, the film selection is more or less the same.


While again, the post-date sex is probably a ‘sure thing’, let’s face it – there’s a better than average chance your internet date isn’t going to have the slightest idea about what she’s doing. Lower your expectations by tuning into something like “Oral Servitude 2” which will demonstrate in deliciously explicit detail how a highly skilled oralist does her work right.


Knowing there’s no conceivable way your Internet Hookup is going to be able to come even remotely close to this kind of cock worship, you won’t be so disappointed with your dates sloppy fumbling on your jock.


There’s about a 50% chance your Internet Date is a slutty who’s just looking to get banged, or used like a cheap whore so she’s not expecting a call the next day – or ever again. In this case, give her what she wants and go straight for “Fuck My Face POV” or “All The Way To The Throat”.


These films will give you the inspiration to do her right and the pre-date blast off will give you the stamina to make her remember you for a long time.


So there you go. My Official Guide on what to watch for your pre-date on Valentine’s Day. You’re welcome.

Lastly, we just received artwork for the upcoming Canadian Edition of “FURY” starring Marie Madison.


The film is being released and distributed in Canada by Black Flag Pictures so all our Canadian fans can easily get a copy without dealing with the fact that Canada has flagged us at the border – making it nearly impossible to get our DVD’s into Canada these days.

I hope you enjoy your Valentine’s Day. We’re proud to be a part of it!

- Mark

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Great Archiving Project of 2011


Ever since we began shooting to Hard Drives in mid 2009, the issue of how to store or archive our footage has been a constant. Since this is mostly a ‘technical issue’, I got the job of ‘Archivist’ by default.

So far, I’ve been storing the footage on 1.5 TB RAID drives that have been a part of our post production systems for several years now. I’m not exactly sure how old they are at this point, which has been an additional concern, because no one really knows the ‘shelf life’ on hard drives, and there’s too many variables (like storage conditions) to consider.

So we bought these brand new shiny solid state drives (no moving parts – think of them as a big memory stick) which is reported to be the best way to archive these days. No moving parts means less wear and tear on the drives – and thus we can assume longer shelf life.

Well, as our luck would have it, 2 of our RAID drives failed to boot up when we began the archiving. Close to 3 TB of footage (about 20 or so films worth) is locked on these little boxes.

The worst case scenario is that I have to use some kind of Forensic Data Retrieval company, which while they are expensive, the data won’t be lost forever. I’m hoping I can use a couple of tricks to get them up at least one more time so I can copy the drive.

So far, it’s working. I was able to get one of the two RAID’s running and it’s being copied right now. It gives me hope that I’ll get the other one going.

Now I have about 9 hours of data transfer and I’ll be able to box up this old RAID and store it for good knowing that I have a usable back up for at least the next few years.

- Mark
’Senior Archivist’

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Tales from Atlanta: Part One


Well, ya’ all heard we took a road trip to Atlanta, GA. to join Alexis Golden on the set of her upcoming movie. If you followed my Tweets back, then you know I delivered Maddy and Jenny safely home. And for the record, EVERYONE involved made it back as well.

Pictured above is Ty Golden, our fearless ring leader on this excursion and the President of my Fan Club. I’ll save the story of my love affair with this guy for another blog.

We took two days to drive in, stopping to visit our friends in Lexington, KY for the night. Here’s a shot of the Tennessee hills we drove thru on the way in.


Sunday began our official ‘Day One’ of Production, which involved a series of soft fetish scenes with Alexis Golden and Ashlee Chambers.


Ashlee is a powerhouse in the fetish scene (literally) so it was a huge score to get the chance to work with her. I’ve done so much fetish work, that most of my friends and colleagues consider me a ‘freak’, but Ashlee showed me some thing’s I’ve never seen before. 


In the mix of the scenes I shot Sunday morning was “Stocking Stuffing” (on the list of ‘never seen before’) as well as Bubble Gum and Balloon Fetish.


Maddy was running second camera on all these shoots, so you can imagine how much fun SHE was having.


Okay… it was a pretty good time for everyone I think.

Later that night, I caught Ashlee and Alexis trying to sneak into Jenny’s bedroom. Whether it’s ‘porn’ or ‘mainstream’, when you are staying in a ‘shoot house’ there’s no such thing as real privacy, so I followed them in with a camera.


You’re going to have to wait for the movie to get all the gory details of this one, but it’ll be worth the wait… I promise.

And we’re only halfway thru ‘Day One’.

Next up… our throw down with Mike South.

- Mark