Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Who’s Bubble Girl? and The Party At SexySocials.com


You  might have seen images from this goofy cartoon popping up around the web lately. That’s Pixie Stixx, a character from the upcoming animated show “The Top Secret Adventures of Bubble Girl an Pixie Stixx”.

We’ve never been shy about ridiculously long titles. Almost beat the record for Maddy’s brain child “Bubbles, Balloons & Other Stuff That Goes ‘Pop’ In My Mouth” as the longest title in our catalog.

It’s an animated adventure for adults about a couple of best friends who might have accidentally acquired super powers. This idea has been kicking around Maddy G for a couple of years now. It was originally going to be shot ‘Live Action’, but once we realized the costs, we shelved that idea. Then we began to put it together as a ‘Stop Motion’ project, ala Tim Burton, but then we realized the time involved in that. The idea was once again shelved.

Our third attempted gathers together some of the best CGI artists on the planet for a computer animated spectacle, ‘Maddy G Style’. It’s written by “Ohma” scribe Adam Moore and will be produced in 3D. (Yes, real 3D).

We’re a handful of people working on a handful of computers, so the render times involved in this project number into months, not hours, so we’re hoping to be able to premiere it in the fall.


If you haven’t been by the Play Place Site in awhile, it’s time to come back. There’s been a bit of a face lift, including a brand new tour of The Archives.

If you’re new to the ‘Maddy G Universe’, the ‘Archives’ is actually “Marie Madison’s Historical Film Archives”, our members only area that houses the complete collected works of Marie Madison. It’s been around about as long as we have, but it was in need of updating so it didn’t make the last big site re-design.

Before we go too far, say ‘hello’ to Carmen & Nina.


If you haven’t installed the free Virtua-Girl Software yet, Carmen and Nina’s ridiculous little show on your desktop is worth the time.

You thought I was gonna skip of the ‘V-Girl’ section of my blog, didn’t you? Not a chance.

Let’s get re-acquainted with Jenny, shall we?



Everyone’s favorite Poly-Honey is ramping up to the much anticipated Second Season of “Regarding Jenny”, which promises to be the biggest best run of episodes yet.

If you haven’t stopped by her blog, or checked in with her on SexySocials or Facebook lately, make sure you go say ‘hello’. There’s going to be lots of news coming from her camp soon.

And speaking of SexySocials, a few months ago, Tasha went and kicked the door in over there, and well… a whole bunch of ‘Maddy G Girls’ rolled in right behind her.

Rachel, Jade, Jenny, Maddy, Presley, Molly, Wendy and even chicks you probably haven’t talked to yet like Allison and Anna.


So, it’s a whole party over there, with a room full of Maddy G Girls, so you know something is bound to happen.

And of course, it has.

Within a month or so, the ladies are running the show. Collectively managing to change site policy (like convincing most the guys to change their profile pictures) and effectively running a few members off the site for being douche-bags.


And of course, a lot of members have figured out I’m the source of all those saucy ‘dressing room’ photos and a possible source for chewed gum and panties. (Hold your jokes please).

If you want in on the action, just open a profile at SexySocials.com and look us up.

When I’m not sneaking in pics of the Play Place girls acting retarded, I’ve been busy at work putting together “Regarding Jenny 2” as well as “Bubble Girl” and over seeing production on “WISP” and “Virgin Pockets”.

So, lots going on. Stay tuned.

- Mark

Monday, July 2, 2012

Independence Day News

Freedom to Choose Who you Make Out With
With July 4th falling in the middle of the week, it's hard to say if last weekend was 4th of July weekend, or this coming weekend is 4th of July weekend, but either way... Hopefully you have some down time planned with friends and family, get outside for picnics and beer and celebrating life, but don't forget what Independence Day is all about.


Yesterday we got the news that our show "It's A Tasha Thing" won "Best TV Pilot" at the 2012 Indie Gathering Film Festival. The festival has been named among the Top 25 best film festivals by Movie Maker Magazine and is widely known as a proving ground for indie film, because submissions come from all over the world to compete. It's a huge honor to be recognized at this fest, so we're very proud to bring home a win here. Not to mention, somewhat validated in the face of all the haters who never thought this show would be accepted by anyone.

Congratulations to Tasha James and the entire cast and crew of the show.

Tasha James & Angelina Leigh from
"It's A Tasha Thing"
In addition, another Maddy G Production "Blood of Ohma" took home honors for "Best Horror" so we racked up a couple of wins this year.


If you've visited any of the sites on our network, you've probably noticed that Naughty America has joined us recently as a sponsor. Now, we don't typically accept sponsorship from 'Porn Sites', because frankly... most of them just suck (and not in the good way) with a decided lack of taste and class.

But for what seems like forever in the internet age, Naughty America has consistently put their focus on quality production, and more importantly, a focus on creative scenarios, genres and well, let's face it... they deliver some of the hottest girls we've ever seen with an amazing variety. And their reputation for treating the talent with respect is long standing.

Finding real girls and showing them a good time is the recipe Marie Madison has followed her entire career, and you'll find a lot of that in the host of sites Naughty America offers.


The appearances by the sexy strippers at Virtu-Girl have been pretty popular on my blog, and fortunately these fine ladies are not at all shy about showing off.

In honor of Independence Day, give a salute to Diana Doll. Once you install the free Virtua-Girl program, she's one of the hundreds of honey's that will randomly pop up on your desktop and do a little dance for free. If you like her, you can buy a 'VIP' Dance'  where she'll go 'full commando' for $2. All you have to do is click on her when she appears. And once you buy her 'VIP', you own it forever. Watch her show anytime you want.

How would you like to run into Jenna Sweet in a remote jungle? Well, her VIP show is equally as hot and sticky and you can enjoy her without being dropped from a helicopter.

That's Bijou. She doesn't speak a word of English, but she doesn't have to. Watching her getting out of that uniform is in a language all it's own.

Enjoy your 4th of July Holiday. Be safe. Have some fun, and if you have 30 minutes to yourself at the end of the day, treat yourself to one of Virtua-Girl's military themed shows. You know... in honor of your independence.

- Mark

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Small Victories and Changes in the Plan

So yeah.... I told you I would be back sooner than my previous 'every-three-months' schedule.

If you are following "It's a Tasha Thing", you already heard about our legal run in with DreamHost, the ISP in California who act as a virtual harbor for Intellectual Property thieves around the world.

Including a Scam Site running at www.the-realdoll.com that is attempting to dupe unsuspecting folks into meeting Polymerisians that don't exist. The scam included the use of photos of our own Tasha James.

If you think the look is fierce, you should have heard the language and seen the gesturing that ensued from her when she found out.

If you clicked over to DreamHost's web site, that term "Virtual Private Server" doesn't really mean 'Private' if you have the cheese to get a lawyer involved. We don't really have the cheese, but we do have a collective backbone and needed to send the message that Maddy G won't be fucked with.

So, we sent the budget for "Episode 105" of Tasha's show to the legal team and we shut down the-realdoll.com for mass Copyright infringement. Of course, the celebration only lasted 3 days, when the site came back online but without photos of Tasha.

It's a small victory, but we'll take it. The message was delivered. 

In a strange twist of irony after my last blog post about Youtube, we've had a change in plans regarding our strategy there.

It turns out, the advertising revenue coming in from Youtube has exceeded the ad revenue from MaddyGTV so we've decided to adjust our course.

MaddyGTV has grown into a pretty popular destination for our friends and fans, which we're all very proud of. We're hovering around 500k viewers a month. The downside of this, is the bandwidth required to serve video to that size of an audience is expensive. Big, fast servers being monitored 24/7 to push almost 10TB of data every month. It's not exactly cheap.

The rub here, is that our programming is a double edged sword. It's weird enough to draw a sizable audience, but too weird to attract the advertisers we need to run it and continue to bring in new programming. We've struggled with finding and keeping sponsors since we launched the site almost 2 years ago now. And in that time, the channel has yet to break even, yet alone turn any kind of profit.

So, there's been some changes over at MaddyGTV. A good portion of the programming has been removed, leaving only our most popular shows. You'll also notice that we're leaning on Youtube more to serve the video files. This is both to reduce the amount of bandwidth being served and also to get our GoogleAds in front of more eye balls.

This thing we do, being in the business of making entertainment, is liquid and always moving. Just a few years ago, it was accepted that entertainment, in the form of movies, television and music, was something that people should pay for. Now it's understood by everyone, that entertainment is (or should be) free, and everyone's forgotten that shows don't make themselves, it requires the work of a dedicated cast, crew and a host of writers, technicians and music artists to bring these things to life. All these people have homes, and kids and bills to pay too.

I'm not bitching, I'm only explaining the facts of it. For us to be able to continue to produce programming and offer it for free, we have to pay attention to where the money is actually coming from. Maddy often says, "Sometimes you have to put on a short skirt and do a little dance for the sponsors."

Consider these changes our "Little Dance".

And speaking of dancing... if you still haven't installed the free Virtua-Girl software, you are missing Katie De Sys doing her little dance on your desktop.

She a long, slow drink of hot chocolate and for $2 she'll spend 30 minutes taking all her clothes off. And it's WORTH it. Again, sexy as hell, but NOT safe for work. 

Enjoy the show. I'll be back with more news soon.

- Mark

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Big Update & Explanations


So yeah… sorry. It’s been an extremely hectic and often times hand-wringing several few months. I haven’t updated the production blog since March, and it’s now June.

Again… sorry. Every time I drop in here to write a blog, I promise to blog more often, and then I get distracted with the day-to-day stuff that my job involves and I just never quite get to it.

Anyway… as I posted a week or so ago on my Facebook, it’s not that there hasn’t been anything going on, but more like soooo much going on, that I haven’t had time to blog about. I’ll try and remedy that with some ‘catch up’.


What the F*ck Has Been Going on
with the MaddyGTV Youtube

If you’ve noticed some of our shows disappearing, then re-appearing without warning, broken embed links and other annoyances happening around our Youtube Channel, it’s because we’ve been having an on-going struggle with the Intellectual Property Cops at Youtube / Google.

Now, to be clear, we’ve been producing movies and television professionally for the last 12 years. We’ve never stolen anything, including music, special effects, stock footage, etc.  It’s all been properly and legally cleared for our distributors thus far.

But, as far as copyright law goes and what’s required to release a DVD into the market, film makers need to have permission from the artists that contribute music to the movie / tv show. As a company, our music soundtracks are the thing of indie film legend. We take considerable pride in acquiring the very best music, and we’ve even gotten award nominations for our song selections.


However, a lot of the permission slips we have, are expressed thru e-mail from the bands and artists, giving us expressed permission to use their song in whatever project. This is legally sufficient for releasing DVDs and Blu-Rays.

But when it comes to advertiser supported free broadcasts (like what we offer on Youtube) it’s a different thing. Because now, instead of dealing with just one distributor, we’re dealing with a very long list of multi-national companies and brand names each with a legal team of their own, and so the rules of what’s required to clear the music on a show is much more strict. None of these companies want to be caught promoting a show with stolen music.

So, each show on our Youtube Channel has to have a license explicitly providing “commercial rights” to every song in every show that has an ad running next to it.

After 12 years, this is a more difficult task than it would seem.

Many of the bands we’ve used no longer exist have contact information that long-ago has been changed.

And still others, have gone on to become pretty successful recording artists and are now represented by Music Publishing houses like RumbleFish who we now have to deal with. This only seems like an easy solution, but again… after 12 years, we have dozens and dozens of songs in shows like “Inside Marie’s Play Place” and “Regarding Jenny” and the simple truth is we can’t afford to go back and buy licenses for every song.


If a show can’t be verified by Youtube, that video gets pulled down from our Channel. This isn’t done by Youtube, but by us, out of courtesy to the advertisers who are promoting the shows on other channels.

We do have some proper licenses and we’ve been able to get in touch with some of the artists and get the proper paperwork from them. (Thanks Phil Dutra!)

In these cases, once the paper work is verified at Youtube, advertising on the video is re-approved, and the show goes back ‘live’ and all your links and embeds work again.

Our Youtube Channel is an easy way to share our shows with your friends, and for us to link them on our social networks, etc. But the shows are always available at MaddyGTV.com 24/7 on demand.

Where the F*ck Is The New Episode of
It’s A Tasha Thing”? And how’s Jenny doin’?

Episodes 103 and 104 are more or less shot. I say ‘more or less’, because I’ve learned in my own 12 years of making movies and tv shows, that a project is never fully ‘done’ until it’s rolling out onto the public. But they are both shot.

In 3D, no less and that’s honestly been the biggest hold up. The post production process for 3D is time consuming, and we also have the recently added issues of Music Licensing. Some of the songs already selected have had to be substituted with other music to get cleared by the sponsors, and that’s required some re-editing of sequences, etc. We’re all anxiously waiting to see it too, believe me.

It’s in the strange but capable hands of Director Paul Gorman, who directed both 103 and 104. Gorman’s last film was “Blood of Ohma 3D” that’s been tearing up the 3D World this year. The 3D Spectacle alone is going to be worth the wait.

Bust out your ‘Green / Magenta’ 3D Glasses and take a look. If you don’t have any of the Maddy G 3D DVD’s, the same glasses are found in most Hollywood 3D DVD’s too. If you still don’t have a pair, go on Ebay or Amazon and buy a pair. It’s going to be worth it when the episodes come out.

Plus, the episodes are hilarious.

tasha-3d-01Grandma returns to give Tasha another bit of advice.


Tasha has a ‘Coyote Ugly’ moment.


Tasha and Scott having a “Wrong Place / Wrong Time” moment.

And of course, if you are among those who skip right to the “Uncensored Version”, you won’t be disappointed either.


The ‘Green / Magenta’ glasses give you a ‘reach out and touch ‘em’ sense, but if you have a 3DTV, Tasha’s tits will be in your living room. No kidding.

Lots of stuff going on over at the “It’s A Tasha Thing” web site including new photo sets, and she’s been blogging her ‘ghetto booty’ off lately too.

And… how’s Jenny doin’?

These days, it’s best to direct these questions to Jenny. Not that there’s anything wrong with her… she’s fine. There’s been a bit of drama recently surrounding her web site and her show. She’s dealing with that, mostly with obscene gestures and words you’ve never heard come out of a chick her size before.


On top of that, her show has been plagued with the same Music Licensing issues as the others, which has caused us to lose some of the shows sponsors. But… we’re moving forward, albeit slower than any of us hoped. Jenny just tends to be more vocal about it than the rest of us. In the meantime, she’s kept herself busy with her roll on “It’s A Tasha Thing” and a couple other small projects she’s got going on.

In Other News…

Over the last couple of weeks, we’ve launched GMD Backlot Auctions. GMD Films of course, is the ‘Production’ part of Maddy G Productions. These E-bay auctions are featuring some of the authentic screen worn costumes and props from our past projects.

Items currently for auction are the Life Size ‘Bigfoot’ Costume from “Blood of Ohma” and Angelina Leigh’s bra and panties from the same movie. Plus, the dress Helena Bonham Carter wore in Tim Burton’s “Big Fish” and there’s a ton more stuff coming up.


Marie Madison fans probably recognize that dress. Maddy wore it in the now infamous “Smoke Junkies” series as well as when she played hooker “Victoria” in “House of Bedlam”. It’s in line for auction as well as her Business Suit from “Virgin Pockets”.


And speaking of Marie Madison… very soon we’ll be making the announcement about her next feature film, which begins shooting this summer. Without giving away too much, I can tell you it’s a blood and guts thriller written by Adam Moore, who wrote “Blood of Ohma” and it will co-star Marie Madison returning along side Larry Laverty.

And Last, but NOT Least…

Say hello to Lea Tyrone. She’s one of the dozens of hot dancing ladies being delivered to my desktop every 10 minutes courtesy of our newest MaddyGTV Sponsor Virtua-Girl.


Download the free Application and you’re desktop will be graced with sexy strippers all doing a little dance in turn. It’s free, so there’s no nudity, but it’s still not safe for most work places. But damn… it’s entertaining. And if you want to buy a ‘private dance’ with any of these ladies that appear, it costs around $1 for 30 minutes. Try getting THAT in a strip club.


MaddyGTV delivers the very best, I’m tellin’ ya.

I’m going to stop here, but there will be more to come. I promise this time. No, really.


We should have some film festival news, more news on the upcoming ‘summer movie’, a few more auctions and maybe even a couple of new things altogether. I wasn’t joking when I said we have a lot going on here these days.

- Mark

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

‘Tasha Mania’ and Whatever is Next


I’m not going to pretend like I didn’t see this coming.

It’s A Tasha Thing” was over a year in development. With the idea planted shortly after Jenny’s “Award Show Fiasco”, we began working out the logistics of expanding this idea of a world where Polymerisians live along side us more carbon based creatures.

Jenny Densuke was building a pretty impressive fan base coming in from all parts of the world and producing new episodes of her show fairly regularly. Jenny was gracious enough to let us follow her career in adult entertainment, but the challenge was in taking it a step further. We were looking for a Polymerisian who would let us into her day-to-day life. To show the other side of Polymerisian life that so few understand to begin with.

That’s when Tasha James showed up.


That was last October, it then took five more months to convince her to do the show, actually get it shot and then on the ‘air’.

The specifics of how we got here will unfold on the show itself, but the Premiere Episode launched last month and dang, she sure made a splash. 

We tracked close to 7,000 viewers on day one, and we’re over 13,000 to date. The advertisers are not exactly lining up just yet, but  thanks to those who plopped down $3 to see Tasha’s tits in HD, we broke even on the costs of the first episode.

Around here… that gets an automatic green light for the balance of the series. So, we’ll be in Tasha’s world for at least five more.

Aside from a bit of random douche-baggery spewing from a few haters, response to our new direction has been encouraging. We know this is going to be a long road, but we’re ready for it.


Blood of Ohma” has been the topic of discussion lately over at the Blu-Ray Forums. It seems the 3D Guru’s of the world have given us their ‘thumbs up’ and we’re proud to ‘high five’ them right back. The film’s director Paul Gorman has been answering questions about the release over there, so feel free to chime in there if you’re dying to find out how Angelina Leigh fit into those hot pants.

What’s next?

We have the serialized sequel to “Virgin Pockets” on deck, along with being one month closer to the start of Season Two of “Regarding Jenny”.

And word on the street is Adam Moore is polishing up a script for our ‘Big Summer Movie’. Details on that as they arrive.

It’s that time of year again where there’s a lot of plans in the works. A lot of ‘throw it against the wall and see if it sticks’ kind of stuff. It’s an exciting time with a lot of energy, and the weather starting to warm up sure doesn’t hurt.

- Mark

Friday, February 10, 2012

Holy Crap, is it February Already?

Consider this your “Happy Valentine’s Day” Card, with apologies for staying away so long.
You can take solace in the fact that it’s actually all the new stuff going on around here that’s kept me from finding the time to blog about it. So, settle in because this is going to be one of those blogs.


That delicious Russian cocktail is Alysa Gap. Run her name thru the big porn data base, and you’ll recognize more than a few of her accomplishments as the world’s filthiest ass porn girl.
The porn world knows her as “Anal Queen Alysa”, but inside the Maddy G Universe, we’re just going to call her “Alysa” and welcome her as the newest Director to our roster. We’ll let her films explain the rest.


See what I mean?
Alysa’s first film under our banner is “Stick Girls”, a story about the chicks who populate the back rooms of seedy pool halls all around the world.


“Stick Girls” is scheduled to drop on February 28th, but you can pick up an advanced copy at the Play Place Store. DVD or BluRay is $20.

And worth it, believe me.

Also available this month is Marie Madison’s “Blown Opportunities”. Collector’s will want to take note of this one.


For reasons you’ll understand in the coming weeks, you’ll want this one in your collection. There will never be another one like it.

On February 17th, we’re releasing “It’s A Tasha Thing” on MaddyGTV. It’s a brand new comedy series about the real life of our own Tasha James.


If you haven’t already gotten to know Tasha, go hit up her Plugin.com account or find her on Facebook and say ‘hello’.

Tasha is another transplant from California. She arrived here last October and has since found herself in our Sales Department. “It’s A Tasha Thing” will tell you all the details in between.

It’s A Tasha Thing” will have an accompanying web site so you can stay up to date with new episode releases, news and whatnot.

The series co-stars Anna Davidova, who charmed you as the freaked out waitress in “Blood of Ohma” and was even weirder as a whore in “House of Bedlam”.


You can find Anna throwing down insults in Russian on her Facebook and her Plugin profiles. Go ahead and introduce yourself, just don’t mention the term “doll porn” to her, and you’ll be alright.

Where the f*ck did all the doll porn go, anyway?

Hopefully you’ve noticed the kindler, gentler new “Regarding Jenny” site. If you think it’s an improvement, we all agree. And the advertisers are now running towards us, rather than away from us, which is a notable improvement.

And that’s just the beginning of a few gigantic changes that we will be making in the coming months.

Looking ahead, we have “Virgin Pockets – The Series” in pre-production right now, along with a short film written by ‘Ohma’ Scribe Adam Moore. There’s talk of what our ‘Big Summer Movie’ might be, and the word is, it’s pretty freakin’ big.

I promise, I won’t take so long until next time.

- Mark

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Welcome to 2012

So here we are, 2012. I was hoping for the Sci-Fi version from the 80's movies where everyone has flying cars and Transporters zip us around the Universe, but I'll take it. Hopefully your end of year celebrations were fun and you returned home safe.

When last we were in touch, Maddy G had just released our Third 3D film, "Blood of Ohma". This time, a 'mainstream' Monster movie about Bigfoot hunters. The film was released in early November to theaters and is now showing on MaddyGTV for free. If you haven't yet seen it, you owe yourself an adventure. If you can't wait for this summer's Film Festival run to see it in 3D, you can pick up the DVD or 3D BluRay at the GMD Films Store.

By way of 'catching up', in late December we released The Best of Rachel Lynn Porter, a collection of Rach's hottest scenes from both the 'Play Place' show and her various fetish films.

As you probably already know, Rachel is easily among the most popular Maddy G stars of all time, so this film is right now in your favorite video store. We blew thru the first pressing pretty quickly. (Pun intended).

Following right behind her, is Jade Houston - everyone's favorite fiery red head. Fans have asked for a compilation of both these hotties for some time, so we followed up with The Best of Jade Houston which will arrive January 4th.

We finished off 2011 with 3.5 Million hits to the Maddy G Network, the highest viewership we've had in our 12 year history. Over the last 6 - 8 months, you've probably noticed a shift in the way we do business here at Maddy G Productions. With many folks still struggling with the recession and the lagging World economy, we've taken steps to offer more and more free programming.

As our viewership has grown, we are in a position to accept advertising from a variety of sponsors who have enabled us to not just offer our best stuff for free, but also to continue to produce new shows and movies for your enjoyment - at no cost to you.

In order to handle this aspect of our business properly, we've added to our support staff. While many of you have already met her, allow me to officially introduce you to Tasha James, who heads our newly formed Advertising Sales department.

A California native, Tasha arrived here in Erie, PA. in October and joined us in late November. What brought her here is a story that has to be seen to be believed and one interesting enough to make Maddy want to tell it herself. In true 'Movie of the Week' fashion, you can look forward to It's A Tasha Thing in our winter lineup of new shows.

If you would like to stop by and introduce yourself, you can find Tasha at Plugin.com, a new Social Network built for adults. Imagine Facebook, but without the censorship, suspensions and account closures that go along with it. At Plugin, you can be free to upload your pictures, join groups with adult topics and interact with other adults freely. And to put the icing on the cake, many of the 'Maddy G Girls' hang out there. Been looking to chat up Rachel Porter, Jade Houston or Molly Adams? They are all at Plugin.

With Tasha's help and the support of our new Sponsors, you can look forward to new episodes of Regarding Jenny the continuation of Virgin Pockets and several other new shows arriving on the Maddy G Network in the coming months. 

Welcome to 2012. It's going to be an exciting year.

- Mark