Friday, March 25, 2011

Blowjobs and BigFoot Movies


It’s nearing the end of March, which in the ‘Business World’ marks the end of the 1st Quarter of 2011. It’s when everyone here at The Play Place get reminded that Maddy G Productions is technically still a ‘business’ not just a rag-tag bunch of doll fucking pornographers. 

Even we forget around here sometimes that MGP is actually a Corporation, of which Marie Madison runs ONE division of.

Marie Madison

Until every three months when a set of ‘Notes’ gets sent down from the bean counters and lawyers who tell us how it ‘really is’.

At the end of the 4th Quarter of 2010, we installed a brand new dedicated web server along with software that is collecting data like we’ve never had before. So, there’s a lot more information at our disposal, though granted, it’s still raw data, so it needs to be deciphered and analyzed.

What matters most to us ‘downstairs’ is how many actual human beings (and their doll friends) are tuning in. We don’t really care about ‘Hits’ and ‘Page Views’ that the advertising and sales people care about. Our job down here is to entertain those watching, and so we’re only interested in how many people are watching.

Within those 2.6 Million ‘Hits’ and hundreds of thousands of ‘Page Views’, there’s actually about 1,000 human beings tuning into our stupid side show every day from 144 Different Countries.

Welcome to our weird little world.


We’re deep into Pre-Production on our Summer Thriller “Blood Of Ohma”. I wasn’t able to secure the ‘Dead Horse’ Prop Piece. Those bitches at the auction house would not budge on their price, so I had to let it go. However, I met with members of our Effects Team who assure me they can build it within budget… so we shall.

Onto actual ‘Play Place’ News, there was a new DVD released this week with “Mouth Whore Adventures”. I probably don’t need to tell you what this one is about.


It includes six new scenes including the hit “My Step Mom’s Mouth” and a bonus scene “Hurley Blasts Marie Again” that has never been released outside The Archives before.


Maddy and Hurley have clashed many times in the past, but this scene has been particularly popular because Hurley total wrecks her face and then blows his load on her for good measure.

Along with this new release is a Big Sale on the “Oral Servitude” Series. When you buy “Mouth Whore Adventures” for $19.95 you can take the “Oral Servitude” Series for just $10 more each. So, you can get “Mouth Whore Adventures” PLUS all three “Oral Servitude” titles for just $49.95.

This deal includes “Oral Servitude 3 in 3D”, the 2 disc set with both the 3D and ‘Standard’ Version and free 3D Glasses.

There’s an interesting review recently published by of the 3D Version of the Film. They were pretty impressed.

Also new this week is “I Want a Messy Facial”, Marie’s newest installment of her ongoing skin care routine.



It’s another addition to the line of Five Dollar Downloads being offered now.

And speaking of discounts, the big “Download” and “Stream-To-Own” sale is still going on at


High Definition (HD) Downloads as well as iPOD and Stream-To-Own Versions of “Inside Marie’s Play Place”, “Regarding Jenny” and over 35 more of the Best Selling Maddy G titles are just $7.95.

This sale WILL NOT LAST, so if you’ve been looking for any of these, now is a great time to save way over 50%.

With all of that said, there’s still a lot of stuff going on at The Play Place, so don’t go too far.

For now, let’s end where we began. With a nice shot of Marie Madison on her knees and covered in Jizz.


Just the way she likes it.

Have a great weekend…

- Mark

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My One and Only Rant about Japan


I only get ‘Political’ during elections, so don’t take this as ‘politics’. It’s not. What’s happened in Japan, and what’s required to fix it, is not a political issue. It’s a human issue.

Japan is dealing with nothing less than a full scale catastrophe. More people have already been confirmed dead than the entire 9/11 Attack on the United States, including the aftermath the First Responders faced.


The World has the resources to help them, immediately. The fact that this is NOT a global effort is discouraging and frustrating.

I’m not talking about the hero’s at The Red Cross and the countless other Volunteer Organizations and Fundraising that’s going on all over. Heroic, yes. But let’s face it. It’s baby steps and a drop in the bucket compared to  what the people of Japan actually need.


They need to evacuate a place the size of Montana and they don’t have enough gasoline to fuel their cars. We can handle that.

Saudi Arabia is 5,000 miles away. British Petroleum has probably got ships in the North Atlantic right now. China has gasoline and a whole population of engineers. If they put just 2 or 3 of their best people on it, I bet they could figure out how to get Japan the gasoline they need. It doesn’t seem like an insurmountable task when everyone’s involved.


They need food and drinkable water.

Honestly, this seems like the basics to me. How did the World get so fucked up that Diane Sawyer is reporting on a couple of million people who are living on a cup of rice and a bowl of soup?

How about instead, for the next two weeks, we stop our Wars, and our Civil Unrest and our Military Coup’s and all that bullshit between Palestine and Israel that’s been going on for a thousand years, and let’s all focus on getting those people some fucking food.

There’s two grocery stores filled with food within a mile of my house. We got planes, we got trucks, we got man power. Shit, we could give this one task to the United States Marine Corps and those people would be fed properly by the end of the day.


I know, it’s frustrating. We text $10 to the Red Cross and we send them our prayers, because we can’t do anything else.

The reason this isn’t already happening, is because of money, which is the lubricant that keeps all Politics in business. No one knows who to send the bill to.

Another simple solution that any 4th Grader will point out to you in a minute. Who’s going to pay for it?

Add it all up, then divide it all up. The financial burden on the individual tax payer would be a lot less than you think. If it costs a Trillion US Dollars to bail out Japan in a month, divided by the ‘Top 28’ and it’s around $35 Billion per country.

Each tax payer in the United States would have to pay around $120 to help Japan right this instant. 

Who do I give my credit card number to?


It’s sad that the Politics involved in doing what is necessary and what is right is insurmountable. The people of Japan will be trying to figure out what do with the bodies piled up on their shore line before the United States Government could get a plan like this even approved, much less implemented.


While this isn’t a political issue, it’s something you should think about come election season, no matter what country you live in.

When those people come around wanting your vote, ask them about their ‘Human Initiative’.

End of ‘Rant’.

Before I go, I want to point out that all phone calls made on the Time Warner network to or from Japan are completely FREE until April 15th. 

I’ve done a lot of bitching about Time Warner as a communications provider, so I feel it’s only right to recognize the company for their contribution to the ‘Human Initiative’.

- Mark

Monday, March 14, 2011

‘The Great Archive’ Update with Ramblings about ‘Classic 3D’ and Other Stuff


Well, the RAID I’ve officially been calling “Archive Drive 02” is now ‘Officially’ dead. Un-recoverable by reasonable means.

A ‘Clean Room Recovery’ isn’t an option at the price of $3500, so that’s it. Put a fork in it. Moving on.

After running thru everything that was on the RAID, the only thing we really lost is the camera footage for “Oral Servitude 3 in 3D”. It means there’s no possibility for a ‘Side-by-Side’ Version for 3D Televisions. It’s NOT the end of the World.


“OS3” was shot as a test to see if we could do it. The entire way, we were testing camera set ups and post production techniques. I built the rigs by hand with hardware store stuff and I did the post production based entirely on theory and research. From the beginning, “OS3” was never intended to be anything other than an Anaglyphic (Red/Blue) Version on DVD.

If you’ve been following my blog for awhile, you know even the DVD version was a struggle to get out. As a two disc set, with 3D glasses included, it was a pretty ambitious release for a “No Name Studio” like Maddy G and it was going to be an expensive package to get made, thus it was going to have to be sold at a higher price point to the stores.

With all these things working against us, the folks at Pulse Distribution decided to manufacture 500 units of “OS3”  rather than the 1,000 units that are typically made of our new releases. Pulse is obviously hedging their bets, but we all agreed it’s best for everyone to be conservative with the release.


“OS3” hit the streets January 31st and we had shipped 261 Units in Pre-Orders. Meaning, these are the number of copies the smart store’s ordered in advance so they had it on the shelves on release day.

By the end of February, we shipped another 237 units.

So there you go. We already need a bigger boat.

While there’s no doubt that Marie Madison fans responded to the movie, the success of “OS3 in 3D” probably is more of an indicator of the demand for 3D content from the consumers than anything else. It’s sort of why we made one in 3D. The fans kept asking for it, so did it.

All of that being said, “OS3” was still a test project and we’ve learned so much more since. We’ve shot a bunch more stuff in 3D since and I’ve refined the post production process so that our future productions will be available on 3D Blu-Ray for your 3D Televisions as well as ‘Anaglyph’ which Hollywood is now calling “Classic 3D”.


Thankfully they named it, because “Anaglyph” is a word that's just never going to catch on. “Classic 3D” means you watch it with Red / Blue glasses. Hollywood likes to use Green / Magenta glasses, but the process is the same, and it’s still “Classic” or “Anaglyph”.

The kind of 3D you see at the Movie Theater under the name
“Real D 3D” or “Digital 3D” or “IMAX 3D” it’s all essentially the same thing, with each “eye” of the illusion projected at a different angle than the other, requiring the use of “Polarized” Glasses. If you’re some kind of 3D Geek, know that I’m over simplifying here.

The ‘Home Theater 3D’ or the new 3D Televisions that require what’s called “Active” 3D Glasses. Instead of filtering out a color range (like the ‘Red/Blue’ glasses), ‘Active’ 3D Glasses use an infrared beam to rapidly flicker each eye ‘open’ and ‘close’. These types of 3D glasses are often called “Shutter” Glasses.

Regardless of how you watch 3D, the production of 3D video still requires 2 separate images to be captured (one for each eye). Some lower cost options do it with a special camera lens that separates the image. Pretty much everything else is some form of proprietary camera rig.


That’s a sketch of what my new one will (hopefully) look like. It’s being built by Third Party Productions and will mount 2 HD Camera’s side by side on basically a ‘Fig-Rig’ with a Zoom H1 mounted up top to capture sound.

I’ll be able to start shooting with it in a couple of weeks.

I’ve said before, this technology isn’t new. In fact, William Castle shot the original “13 Ghosts” in 1956 with less technology than I have on my desk right now.

But for a lot of people, it’s still fun as shit. This new resurgence in ‘3D’ has made people excited about movies again and that’s good for everyone. I’m excited to be a part of it.

- Mark

Friday, March 11, 2011

Horse Parts and Doll Porn


My first choice for the graphic above was a photo of a decapitated head of a horse. It’s a prop of course, but when I placed it into the layout of my blog and started writing, it began to disturb me.

Maybe I should explain.

Several weeks ago, Wright Williams delivered his shooting script for “Blood of Ohma” which was everything we expected it to be. Sharp and Scary and gory as hell. But Wright’s take on the ‘Bigfoot’ Legend told a story that headed in a different direction than we wanted to go with this particular film.

So, we started back at the beginning with the story that Maddy, Mark (Cray) and I wrote so many months ago. This original story involved the discovery of a horse head by one of the central characters. This is a prop that we’ve already acquired, along with the actual ‘Monster’ Prop. I had most of the story, but only bits and pieces of the script, so I more or less dumped it all on A.D. Moore, who just turned in the script for “Regarding Jenny 2”, so I was pretty sure he had nothing to else to do. LOL.

Understand, folks in the writing room here are basically paid in weed and blowjobs, so this was considered by many around here a ‘dick move’.

Before I lose everyone’s attention, let’s look at some titties.


Thanks Madison. Moving on…

So, like a week later, the new script for “Blood of Ohma” comes back and now we not only need the Horse’s head, but we also need the rest of the horse too.

This task is much bigger than it sounds.

I actually have my eye on a piece at a Prop House who has it up for sale, but I’m trying to outwit the owner and get it for a price that will enable us to have something in the movie other than one long shot of this damn set piece. I have a few things in my favor and a few days of waiting time left, so I’ll get back to you on this one.

Meanwhile… last weekend we did 2 days of shooting on Jenny Densuke’s new “Dirty Doll Stories” piece “The Step Daughter”. She was adamant about taking the reins on her first real ‘story’ film so Maddy and I just let her work.


Yeah, it’s THAT kind of movie.

I spent most of this week watching Jenny squirm as I made her think she forgot half her coverage shots. She didn’t miss anything. But I still made her do two re-shoots to watch her scramble.

Good times.

“The Step Daughter” premieres for free on March 23rd along with an Uncensored Version that the more adventurous among us can purchase in HD.


If you’re wondering how to pull off “Rack Focus” without spending $1500 on a fancy adapter? It’s called “Skill” - oh, and “Proper Use of the Focus Ring”.

Have a good weekend.

- Mark