Friday, September 30, 2011

Everything is ‘New’ Again!


If you’ve been following us here at The Play Place for more than a year, or you have any kind of experience or friends who work primarily on the web, you’ve heard of “The Summer Slump”.

It typically runs from June thru mid September. The time a lot of people are on ‘Summer Vacation’, enjoying the nicer weather, taking those trips, or at least getting outside a bit instead of sitting in front of their computers or game systems and surfing the web.

For us, and a lot of other companies, traffic plummets, sales plummet, and archive membership renewals pretty much stop. We typically spend this time in production of what we dub ‘Our Big Summer Movie’. Because with the ‘business’ mostly in a holding pattern, we have a couple of months to focus on the ‘new stuff’.


You probably recognize that Ass, and probably even the bathroom.

This year’s ‘Big Summer Movie’ is “Blood of Ohma”. It’s a heavy handed thriller about what happens to a pair of Bigfoot Hunters after they actually find and kill one. It stars Maddy along side Mark Cray as the Bigfoot Hunters. It also includes the return of one of our favorites Larry Laverty, who you’ve seen as ‘The Sheriff’ in “House of Bedlam”. Rounding out the cast is Playboy™ Model and Actress Angelina Leigh.


The film premieres in Erie, PA. on November 5th. If you’re in the area, tickets can be reserved for $5 each at  Thanks to our sponsors, 100% of your ticket proceeds are being donated to local Animal Shelters.

If you’re outside the Erie area, you’ll be able to see “Blood of Ohma” on MaddyGTV in November too. It’s scheduled to air Thanksgiving weekend.

You can see the Official Movie Trailer at our Youtube Channel.

Also New here at ‘Maddy G’ is a brand new Social Network at – It’s still being built and tested, but will emerge in a couple of weeks as a place where Adults can be Adults without the bullshit censorship that happens at sites like Facebook.


This project has been on our radar for a bit now. Ever since Maddy got suspended at Facebook for showing her ass cheek in a picture, we knew that we had to find another place to stay in touch with our friends and fans.

A few of the ‘Play Place Girls’ opened accounts at only to find out they only pretend to be a social network. It turns out, they are really a repository for stolen porn and apparently, where all the fake profiles in the world go to die.

After a couple of weeks, we caused such a stir over there that Plugin closed all accounts associated with Maddy G and several other members who shared links to The Play Place.

It was a reminder that we’re not the only Adults on the planet looking for a real Social Network that isn’t populated by teenagers and Drama Queens. So, we fast tracked this project and it’ll be open to the public in the next few weeks.

Maddy’s about halfway thru production on “Where There’s Smoke 3 in 3D” and “Fuck My Face POV 2”. Member’s of The Archives have been enjoying scenes from these films already.


Put your 3D glasses on… it’s worth it. And from “FMF POV 2”:


Also Production begins in November on the Second Season of “Regarding Jenny” and Maddy will be returning as ‘Lizzy Monroe’ in “Virgin Pockets – The Series” both which will begin airing on MaddyGTV this winter.

So, a fuck ton of new stuff going on here at Maddy G. Make sure you stop by every week to stay caught up and remember to renew your Membership to the Archives to see it all.

- Mark