Thursday, April 14, 2011

How “Avatar XXX 3D” Got It Horribly Wrong


I just got the chance to watch Axel Braun’s “This Ain’t Avatar XXX” in actual 3D. I remember back a couple of months ago, when we were working on “Oral Servitude 3 in 3D”, I was talking to Mark Hamilton over at Pulse Distribution about other 3D Movies in the market, and he said “Hustler did one, but they fucked something up, and it didn’t work.” I’m pretty sure now, this is the ‘one’ he was talking about.

This isn’t going to be a diatribe against the ‘Porn Parody’. You either like them, or you don’t. It’s pretty much all ‘Porn Valley’ is fixated on right now, so I find a way to live with it.

The general idea of a ‘Porn Parody’ is to essentially tell the same story as the ‘Hollywood’ Source Material, but adding the fantasy element of explicit sex. If you watched “Avatar” and wondered what these blue chicks look like naked, you’re not alone.


And if you have this image in your head, then you certainly want to know what it looks like to bang it out with an Avatar. Maybe like this?


Or maybe like this?


There’s a surprising amount of graphic art on the internet that’s attempting to answer this question. Porn Director Axel Braun is not one to avoid anyone’s bandwagon, so he offers us his interpretation as well with “This Ain’t Avatar XXX”.


So clearly, right there… something is wrong.

Why are all the Avatar’s dicks NOT BLUE?

And if these things are 9 feet tall, then is that Human chick getting pounded back there ALSO 9 feet tall?

Of course, the entire ‘Porn World’ couldn’t wait to get in line to applaud this mess and the ‘Industry’ started piling up awards on Axel’s desk because well… I guess it’s “Hustler” and it’s considered in ‘bad taste’ to bash The Godfather.

Well, I’ve met Larry, and I’m pretty sure he can take a few honest criticisms from someone who desperately wanted to like this film.

Whatever. Axel Braun left his dignity in the backseat of his Bentley along with his talent. What is most disappointing about “This Ain’t Avatar XXX” is the 3D Version.

Braun spent more money on his set pieces than we spent on the entire production of both “Oral Servitude 3 in 3D” and the upcoming “MILF’s From The 3rd Dimension” combined.

So, how the fuck did he not have the resources to get the depth of field right so it didn’t turn out as a headache inducing blur of blues and pinks?


This is an example of one of the ‘effect’ shots where Evan Stone (in back) is trying to get his hand to ‘pop’ thru the front of the screen. If the depth of field wasn’t holding on Danica Dillan, it would have worked, and the viewer would have ducked to miss.

This is just one of many examples throughout the film of failed attempts at 3D trickery. Starting with the ‘Hustler’ logo at the beginning of the film, which was a complete blur.

It wasn’t  ALL unwatchable, there are a couple of scenes in which the 3D effect worked nicely.


They are so few and far between, that I have to assume that the shots came together by accident.

If you’re a fan of ‘Porn Parody’ you’ve probably already seen this. If not, you can check it out now at . We’re offering both the 3D and the ‘Standard’ Version.

- Mark

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Rumor Is True: There IS a way to get MarieMadisonVOD for Free. IF you are smart.


This isn’t really a tightly kept secret. Many of you who have been hanging around the Play Place for awhile have been using this method for years, because it works.

First, you need an account at It’s free to sign up, and you automatically get 10 free minutes. But, the smart ones know if you click in thru the ‘VOD’ Section at The Play Place Site, you can open your account with 20 Free Minutes.

The big ‘trick’ is in the Free VOD Cards. If this is all new to you, pay attention. They look like this:


Scratch off the Code on back, then click the ‘Movie Cards’ Tab at the top of the screen. Insert that code to activate the card, and you now have a total of 50 Minutes on your account.

And so far, you haven’t paid a thing.

Go ahead and watch some stuff. The site is searchable with scene breakdowns by genre and keywords. There’s some films on that are only available there.

Like “Slave Trade”.


And “Blackmail Society”


And “Forced Feedings”


Plus, all the uncensored versions of “Inside Marie’s Play Place” and “The Agency”. There’s like 80 movies there, hundreds of scenes, so obviously 50 Minutes isn’t going to last you forever.

There’s a couple tricks to add more minutes.

First, you have to go back every day. Even if you don’t have time to watch anything, log in, because every day there’s a ‘Free Minutes’ offer between 1 and 5 Free Minutes. It’s random, but if you go every day, you’re guaranteed 30 – 90 more free minutes just for logging in.

Second, you can re-fill your account with Pre-Paid cards at any time. Just go back to the ‘Movie Card’ section and activate another card. is available all over the world and works in a dozen different languages. And if you are smart enough, it’s completely free.

Somewhere in the World it’s 12:01

madison-marie-shadowSo how do you get the Pre-Paid cards in the first place?

There are basically three ways.

1. Order Something from the Play Place Store and your order arrives with one pre-paid card per item. So, if you order 2 DVD’s, you get two pre-paid cards. If Maddy is feeling generous, you might actually get a couple more.

2. Get your hands on an original Shrink Wrapped copy of either “Inside Marie’s Play Place 1” or “All The Way To The Throat” and there’s a pre-paid card inside. I would suggest online retailers, because local porn shops typically unwrap the DVD’s. Copies of these titles from the Play Place Store have them inside too. (Bonus cards!)

3. Hit us up at a live event. Film Fests, ‘Gatherings’ and any ‘Official’ Maddy G event, we are usually handing them out. Remember, I’m talking about ‘Official Events’. If you hit me up in a bar, I’m probably going to hit you back.

If you really can’t find one, and you’re not a total douche bag, e-mail me, and I’ll send you a Card Code you can use.

So there you have it. A tried and true method to never having to pay for ever again.

You’re welcome, I’ll be here all week.

- Mark

Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Unbelievably True Story of Molly


This is the kind of thing that really could only happen here.

Like everything else we do, “Molly’s Mixed Up Adventure” is a fictionalized version of the truth. No, I didn’t really mouth fuck her by mistake. I totally mouth fucked her on purpose.


How we got to that point though, is a story just as weird.

Molly contacted me thru Facebook and asked me out for drinks. Every guy who has a Facebook account knows this never happens in real life. So I rightly assumed one of my friends was fucking with me.

So, I replied back “How about we skip the coffee and just go fuck in a cheap hotel somewhere?”.

She replied back almost immediately with “Okay.”

So, we did.


Before and after I learned that Molly was 50 years old and recently divorced from a 25 year marriage to a Jehovah’s Witness minister. I don’t know if you know anything about the JW’s, but these are some seriously repressed people. Sexually, Molly hadn’t done much of anything. She told me about the first time she tried to blow her husband and he shunned her, explaining that “God doesn’t like that”. Yeah, this is the kind of people I’m talking about.

So Molly found herself suddenly ‘on the market’ and realized she knew almost nothing about sex and wanted to try EVERYTHING. As you can imagine, Marie Madison found this idea to be particularly interesting and gave Molly a summer job and a proper education.

She introduced Molly to the Jetaime fucking machine which introduced Molly to her first orgasm. I educated her on Face Fucking and Hurley had the honor of giving Molly her first facial.


And that was all in the first week.

What Middle Aged House Wife doesn’t fantasize about getting down with a Chippendale guy? Fortunately for Molly, we know a qualified male stripper.


Molly suddenly found herself inside a Grocery Store Romance Novel, and she just couldn’t wait to return the favor.


What’s next? The cute delivery guy, who is more than half her age. Of course. We aim to please, so we arranged a date with Rodney from the mail room.


Whoever said “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks” doesn’t know Molly, because she put into practice everything I taught her.


Of course, I couldn’t end this little experiment without an exit interview, you know… to compare my notes from my first date with Molly. Purely ‘Scientific’.


Since JW’s only fuck for procreation, and children would interrupt the ministry work… well, Molly got her first creampie.

All the evidence of this weird little experiment is in “Molly’s Mixed Up Adventure” which is running for free this week on MaddyGTV. The Uncensored Version is available for download this month for $7.95 or you can choose Stream To Own for the same price.


After sending Molly back out into the world well fucked and better educated, I heard she recently got married. So, obviously, we did good work here.

You’re welcome Molly.

Maddy G Productions. Enriching the lives of woman World Wide.

- Mark