Thursday, May 26, 2011

Bubble Girl & Pixie Stixx

The concept art for “Bubble Girl & Pixie Stixx” was released on Facebook today and none of us here were surprised by the questions about Maddy and Stella in full on Super Hero mode.

The concept art was created by Illustrator Dennis Willman.

The show is called “The Top Secret Adventures of Bubble Girl and Pixie Stixx” and it’ll be another MaddyGTV original. Production is scheduled for 2nd Quarter 2012.

As far as the story is concerned, all I can tell you is that Marie Madison and Stella Marie play modern day Super Hero’s.

You know Stella from ‘S & P’ in Series 4 of “Inside Marie’s Play Place” and you heard her own sordid version of it in “Lil Stella’s Really Short Stories”. She’s the hottest little thing on IPTV.


I can tell you that I’m writing the script with Adam Moore, which will be officially our 5th Date. And you all know what happens on the 5th Date.

The last thing I can tell you is that Madison Marie is attached.


Ooooooh…. didn’t see THAT ONE coming, did you?

Look out 2012… we’re coming to your town with a list of names and something to prove.

- Mark

Monday, May 23, 2011

Summer Productions & New Releases

Marie Madison & Angelina Leigh
On the last 'Play Place' Blog, you heard about Maddy working on the Snowdog Studio feature "The Four" that's due for release sometime end of the year. The film shoot went very well, and if you're following us on Facebook, you've already seen a lot of the photos from Set Photographer Ron Vollentine. The above, was removed by Facebook for being too, uhm... 'cheeky'.

And thus begins the 'Summer Production Season' here at Maddy G.

Because of the ridiculous weather we get up here on the East Coast, all of our biggest productions get filmed during the Summer & Fall and the 2011 'Season' is the biggest we've had in years.

Marie Madison, Mark Cray & Angelina Leigh
This shot was taken from "The Four", but it's a pairing you'll be seeing again this Fall in "Blood of Ohma", which begins Principal Photography July 18th and runs thru August 1st around Erie, Crawford & Oil Creek regions.

This will be the second pairing between Marie Madison and Angelina Leigh, who you probably recognize from her work with Playboy Magazine. She'll be playing the part of "Anna" in "Blood of Ohma" and joining us again later in the summer for the MaddyGTV Original Series "War Dogs".

Angelina Leigh - Playboy's "All Naturals"

Angelina will also be appearing beside Marie Madison & Mark Cray at the World Premiere of "Blood Of Ohma" being held in Erie, PA. on September 23rd as part of the "Films For Food" Benefit. All three will be accepting non-perishable Dog & Cat Food donations for 8 X 10's, Autographs and Fan Photos for each of their respective Animal Charities.

For more on "War Dogs", check out the Official Web Site. Shooting begins in August and the show will begin airing on MaddyGTV in the Fall, along with our affiliate Cable and IPTV Networks around the world.

Maddy - Photo by Bobby Jones

In more specific "Play Place" News, you'll see Jenny Densuke's "Dirty Doll Stories" hitting the DVD shelves in June, along with "Blackmail Society 1", which as you remember, took FOREVER for me to get thru 'Standards & Practices'. Both are available for Full Length Streaming or Download now, or you can buy them in our DVD / BluRay store.

Currently in production is "Where There's Smoke 3" which for some viewers, has been A LONG TIME coming. Maddy's 'Smoking Fetish' Fans came out in mass for "Blackmail Society" and made a big enough noise to push "Where There's Smoke 3" not only into Production, but it'll be made in 3D also.

Now, I know we've talked about 'Smoking Fetish' films before that never get made, but "WTS3" is - for real - in production. If you still don't believe me... here's a camera test:

If this has you wishing you had a pair of 3D Glasses handy, then good. That's sort of the point. To enjoy this video in 3D, you need a pair of 3D Glasses. Any of the 'Red / Blue' or 'Magenta / Green' glasses you get with many 'Hollywood' DVD's will work. Just make sure you set the player accordingly in the '3D' Menu. Or, you can turn it off in the same Menu and watch it like 'Normal' People.

There's a lot of 3D Stuff coming from Maddy G in the coming months, so to get the full effect, get yourself some 3D Glasses. I use 'Big Fancy' ones, and they still cost under $3.

Don't forget that we also ship Free 3D Glasses with all of our 3D Movies.

Including "Oral Servitude 3 in 3D".

"Oral Servitude 3 in 3D"
Even if you buy it in your favorite Video Store, as long as the box is Sealed, there will be 2 Pairs of 3D Glasses inside. And you can buy additional pairs at the 'Play Place Store' also. And believe me, you're going to want glasses for the 3D movie coming next:

"MILF's From The Third Dimension"
Coming Soon from Maddy G Productions
Arriving in 3D in June will be "MILF's From The Third Dimension" starring Karen Fisher, Marie Madison, Karen Kougar and Alexis Golden. The DVD will be in 'Classic 3D' which means it'll work on any Color Television or Computer Monitor and will come with Red / Cyan  3D Glasses, as well as the 'Standard' 2D Version for your collection.  

"MILF's" will also be the first '3D BluRay' from Maddy G Productions that will work on your 3D Television with your 'Shutter Glasses'. It'll be in 'True 3D' format, or 'Side-by-Side' which means it'll be compatible with all of your higher end 3D Playback Devices like your PS3, 3D BluRay Players and 3D Televisions. AND... let's not forget it co-stars Karen Kougar.

Yes... THAT Karen Kougar.
Finally, as the Official "Masturbation Month" comes to a close, you can celebrate with Marie Madison's newest contribution towards your downfall with "Web Show for Joe". A rare live performance captured for your enjoyment.

It's close to 30 Minutes, and Downloadable in High Definition as well as DVD Quality. If you're a member of 'The Archives', it's there as well, so... enjoy.

There's a ton more of new stuff on the way... so stay tuned.

- Mark

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Working on Snowdog’s “The Four”

This week, I’ll be joining Jason Hull on set as production resumes on his newest opus, “The Four” which is an action / horror film about a Biker Gang on a mission from Hell.
It co-stars Angelina Leigh, who some of you have probably seen in Playboy.
She plays Famine, who gets seduced by a drunk slutty named April, who is played by our very own Marie Madison.

This happens right before she goes and hunts down a chick named Carlie.

I’ve even heard Erica Soto will be there and she’s wearing leather.
If she’s got even half the chops everyone says she has, I might try and slip her a script.
And no, that was not a euphemism.
Clearly, Jason Hull is working with some kind of “Hot Girl Per Second” quota that few in independent film have seen yet. Except maybe the guys at Raw Footage, but they don’t share their secrets.
I’ll be working as Production Manager this week, but I’ll have a camera, so you can follow along on
- M