Friday, February 10, 2012

Holy Crap, is it February Already?

Consider this your “Happy Valentine’s Day” Card, with apologies for staying away so long.
You can take solace in the fact that it’s actually all the new stuff going on around here that’s kept me from finding the time to blog about it. So, settle in because this is going to be one of those blogs.


That delicious Russian cocktail is Alysa Gap. Run her name thru the big porn data base, and you’ll recognize more than a few of her accomplishments as the world’s filthiest ass porn girl.
The porn world knows her as “Anal Queen Alysa”, but inside the Maddy G Universe, we’re just going to call her “Alysa” and welcome her as the newest Director to our roster. We’ll let her films explain the rest.


See what I mean?
Alysa’s first film under our banner is “Stick Girls”, a story about the chicks who populate the back rooms of seedy pool halls all around the world.


“Stick Girls” is scheduled to drop on February 28th, but you can pick up an advanced copy at the Play Place Store. DVD or BluRay is $20.

And worth it, believe me.

Also available this month is Marie Madison’s “Blown Opportunities”. Collector’s will want to take note of this one.


For reasons you’ll understand in the coming weeks, you’ll want this one in your collection. There will never be another one like it.

On February 17th, we’re releasing “It’s A Tasha Thing” on MaddyGTV. It’s a brand new comedy series about the real life of our own Tasha James.


If you haven’t already gotten to know Tasha, go hit up her account or find her on Facebook and say ‘hello’.

Tasha is another transplant from California. She arrived here last October and has since found herself in our Sales Department. “It’s A Tasha Thing” will tell you all the details in between.

It’s A Tasha Thing” will have an accompanying web site so you can stay up to date with new episode releases, news and whatnot.

The series co-stars Anna Davidova, who charmed you as the freaked out waitress in “Blood of Ohma” and was even weirder as a whore in “House of Bedlam”.


You can find Anna throwing down insults in Russian on her Facebook and her Plugin profiles. Go ahead and introduce yourself, just don’t mention the term “doll porn” to her, and you’ll be alright.

Where the f*ck did all the doll porn go, anyway?

Hopefully you’ve noticed the kindler, gentler new “Regarding Jenny” site. If you think it’s an improvement, we all agree. And the advertisers are now running towards us, rather than away from us, which is a notable improvement.

And that’s just the beginning of a few gigantic changes that we will be making in the coming months.

Looking ahead, we have “Virgin Pockets – The Series” in pre-production right now, along with a short film written by ‘Ohma’ Scribe Adam Moore. There’s talk of what our ‘Big Summer Movie’ might be, and the word is, it’s pretty freakin’ big.

I promise, I won’t take so long until next time.

- Mark