Monday, August 29, 2011

Remembering Ember

When we first met Ember, she was 19 years old, and had already made a name for herself in the adult world as a ‘Hustler Honey’, working for Larry Flynt’s illustrious magazine.

It was during the 2003 AVN Convention in Las Vegas. Marie had rented some time at the Digital XTC Studio’s to do some content shooting for her website when she and Ember crossed paths.

Even though Ember was 19 and Marie was 32, the two hit it off instantly and Ember decided to stick around and join in the fun.

Ember was a natural talent in front of the camera and brought lots of personality, spunk and a sense of humor to the set. She fit in perfectly with the ‘Maddy G’ crew.

Not to mention her adorable ‘girl next door’ looks and ridiculous body. And limber too…

It’s rare to find a model as young as Ember with that kind of confidence and poise. Secure in her own sexuality and not afraid to flaunt it, the camera loved her, and so did the fans.

As the shoot progressed, it was obvious that Ember was enjoying herself. Once she got out of her clothes, there was no stopping her. By that point, all I was doing was documenting it.

The day started with a photo shoot, but Marie and Ember where having so much fun, they both decided to move to the video stages, where they both unleashed the sexual tension that had built up between them in a cute (and not just a little nasty) scene that ended up on the “Girlfriends Too” DVD.


The DVD is no longer available in stores (it sold out by 2004) but you can download the scene by clicking the image above, or you can visit our VOD site to watch it online.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Catching Up at The Play Place

Things have been a little crazy around here as of late.

As a lot of you know, we’ve been in production on “Blood of Ohma”, which is our ‘Big Summer Movie’. It’s also the largest project we’ve attempted in both it’s complexity and it’s scope.

We finished Principal Photography August 1st, which is the majority of the movie. While it wasn’t without it’s ‘hitches’, we made it thru the two week shoot with relative ease.


Sadly, on August 4th, a few days after Production ended, Maddy’s father passed away. He was a victim of cancer.

Over the last few days, we’ve created a Fund Raiser to benefit her family towards the End of Life Expenses of her dad. If you’ve ever endured the death of a family member, you know how expensive it can be.


As a Special Thanks for your donation, there is a variety of Free Gifts offered. Including Special 2 Disc Editions of our films and TV Shows, and Special Soundtrack Offer from most of the artists you’ve heard in our shows.

For just a $10 Donation, you get 16 Songs from 10 Artists including fORMER, Best of Seven, Lucy Dank, Sudden Impulse, Shag Nazty and Sam Hyman. You get a link to an Instant Download, so you can start enjoying the tunes right away. Songs include the AVN Award Nominated tune “Kiss The Girl” from the “Regarding Jenny” show.

Last week, we released the first video Teaser for “Blood of Ohma”. There is also a 3D Version available on our Youtube Channel if you have your 3D Glasses handy.

First Video Teaser of “Blood of Ohma” in 3D from GMD Films

I’ve noticed you’ve noticed Angelina Leigh in this film. I got a few concerned e-mails, but I assure you, you’ll get to see the best of her, and I’m not just talking about her tits.

DPP_0009From “Blood of Ohma” Production. Copyright © 2011 Maddy G Productions

Angelina proved she’s more than a ridiculous rack but an actress to be reckoned with in a flooded crop of ‘Scream Queens’.

You’ll be able to see “Blood of Ohma” this Fall on

In the meantime, once “Ohma” wraps, we’ll begin Production on “War Dogs” which will premiere this Winter. Also on deck, the long awaited 2nd Season of “Regarding Jenny”.

Before the summer’s over, don’t forget about our Annual “Summer Sale”. All DVD’s and BluRay’s in the “Play Place Store” are 50% off. The sale includes EVERY DVD and BluRay , including Maddy’s newest opus “Making A Mess” and the new 3D title “MILF’s From the Third Dimension”.


The sale ends August 31st, so don’t wait around.

More soon…

- Mark