Monday, July 2, 2012

Independence Day News

Freedom to Choose Who you Make Out With
With July 4th falling in the middle of the week, it's hard to say if last weekend was 4th of July weekend, or this coming weekend is 4th of July weekend, but either way... Hopefully you have some down time planned with friends and family, get outside for picnics and beer and celebrating life, but don't forget what Independence Day is all about.


Yesterday we got the news that our show "It's A Tasha Thing" won "Best TV Pilot" at the 2012 Indie Gathering Film Festival. The festival has been named among the Top 25 best film festivals by Movie Maker Magazine and is widely known as a proving ground for indie film, because submissions come from all over the world to compete. It's a huge honor to be recognized at this fest, so we're very proud to bring home a win here. Not to mention, somewhat validated in the face of all the haters who never thought this show would be accepted by anyone.

Congratulations to Tasha James and the entire cast and crew of the show.

Tasha James & Angelina Leigh from
"It's A Tasha Thing"
In addition, another Maddy G Production "Blood of Ohma" took home honors for "Best Horror" so we racked up a couple of wins this year.


If you've visited any of the sites on our network, you've probably noticed that Naughty America has joined us recently as a sponsor. Now, we don't typically accept sponsorship from 'Porn Sites', because frankly... most of them just suck (and not in the good way) with a decided lack of taste and class.

But for what seems like forever in the internet age, Naughty America has consistently put their focus on quality production, and more importantly, a focus on creative scenarios, genres and well, let's face it... they deliver some of the hottest girls we've ever seen with an amazing variety. And their reputation for treating the talent with respect is long standing.

Finding real girls and showing them a good time is the recipe Marie Madison has followed her entire career, and you'll find a lot of that in the host of sites Naughty America offers.


The appearances by the sexy strippers at Virtu-Girl have been pretty popular on my blog, and fortunately these fine ladies are not at all shy about showing off.

In honor of Independence Day, give a salute to Diana Doll. Once you install the free Virtua-Girl program, she's one of the hundreds of honey's that will randomly pop up on your desktop and do a little dance for free. If you like her, you can buy a 'VIP' Dance'  where she'll go 'full commando' for $2. All you have to do is click on her when she appears. And once you buy her 'VIP', you own it forever. Watch her show anytime you want.

How would you like to run into Jenna Sweet in a remote jungle? Well, her VIP show is equally as hot and sticky and you can enjoy her without being dropped from a helicopter.

That's Bijou. She doesn't speak a word of English, but she doesn't have to. Watching her getting out of that uniform is in a language all it's own.

Enjoy your 4th of July Holiday. Be safe. Have some fun, and if you have 30 minutes to yourself at the end of the day, treat yourself to one of Virtua-Girl's military themed shows. You know... in honor of your independence.

- Mark