Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Play Place November News

Wow, so it's November already?


Time flies these days at Marie's Play Place. Alot has been going on.

October 6th, "Regarding Jenny" came out as our first Nationwide Release, and it made quite a splash in the Porn World. The DVD sold so fast that we ended up dipping into the stash we reserved for Marie's fans, and 'over nighting' a couple extra cases just to make sure we filled all the orders from the video stores. There's now like 40 copies of it in our warehouse.

It's now climbing the charts at most big online porn shops and it's burning down VOD
records at alot of them. Our Distributor 'Pre-Nomed' it for an AVN Award in four catagories, and now we all have Plane tickets to Las Vegas in January.

After the backlash from the 'Doll Fetish Community', the laundry list of things The RealDoll Company told us we got wrong and those blogs accusing us of being 'Doll Rapists', it feels pretty good that the movie is finding an audience.

Here's a shot of Marie Madison feeling up Jenny Densuke.

While alot of people are talking about Jenny, no one's over looking Jade Houston,
who had a big hand in bringing Jenny to life.

Jade was cited by CoverDoll Magazine as "The main reason to watch this film..." and they are a freaking Doll Fetish rag.

Who just can't get enough of the hot human girl.

And they aren't alone. You're going to be seeing a lot of Jade in the coming months.

Starting today, Marie Madison's hit web show "Inside Marie's Play Place" hits smut shops Nationwide. This project was almost a year in the making, from the build out of the sets to this release of the First Series.
It's a little weird actually, because the Members and Fans of 'The Show' are now watching the Third Series, but this release will enable the rest of the World to catch up.

And finally get to see Jade and Marie's first lesbo throw down that made Jade 'tap out'
so that she didn't pass out. Ridiculous.

December 15th, will grace the World with Marie's tribute to girl juice,
"All Girls Taste Different".

This one's a collection of Marie's favorite couplings from the last five years.

I don't mind saying this one was especially difficult to put together. Five years ago, Marie was shooting on Digital8, an old form of Digital Video. She pulled her source tapes for a scene she did with long retired porn starlett Kami Andrews. This is an unbelievably hot scene that's only been available to her Member's since she shot it so many years ago. Well time and less than ideal storage conditions badly deteriorated the tape.

I loaded the footage 'as is' into the computer, and pieced it together the best
I could. Fixed the worst of it, made sure the sound synched, and did a new color correction pass. It's a long way from perfect, but I think I was able to capture the original energy of this scene, which is why we worked so hard to include it in the first place. I think once the fans see it - especially Kami Andrews fans - they'll let me off the hook.

It's a scary thing though, because alot of Marie's newest stuff is shot on HD Camera's that record directly to hard drives. All digital from the beginning, and all I can think about is what might happen if these drives crash, fail or just magically refuse to boot up?

The Smithsonian Institute, who is largely responsible for much of the American Historical Archives, have found hard drives that don't fire up after just 1 year in optimum storage conditions.

So, I back up, and back up, and hopefully we won't lose anything.

Fuck it, look at Alexis Golden.

She's going to finish out 2009 with a, uhm... bang.

December 29th, she's dropping "FLP: F*ck It Like A Pussy" Nationwide, and don't let the title fool you, this collection has some of the hardest anal scenes I've ever seen, and I'm not even done editing it yet.

Wow Alexis, wow.

In other news... I heard Marie Madison chatting up Porn Star Tabitha James, with
some discussion about Tabitha making a visit to The Play Place.

So I went over to http://www.msplinks.com/MDFodHRwOi8vd3d3Lk1hcmllTWFkaXNvblZPRC5jb20= and watched, oh I don't know,
10 or so hours straight of Tabitha James scenes. Like playing with fire, it's fun but it
won't help you live longer.

A few things going on in the GMD Films camp, but it's a little too early to report
on, other than to say there's a big company that used the words 'Marie Madison',
'Boxed Set' and 'Best Buy' in the same sentence and instantly gave me wood.

So... that's how we do that.

- Mark

Wet Lubricant Re-ups as Sponsor of "Inside Marie's Play Place"

Maddy G Productions is very Proud to Announce that
Wet Personal Lubricant shall remain the Exclusive and
Official Lubricant of Marie's Play Place.

Trigg Labs, the maker of Wet Personal Lubricant has
been the Official and Exclusive Lubricant of Marie Madison
since 2001, when Marie Madison first began her adventure
in Adult Entertainment.

Wet Lubricant is an Official Sponsor of "Inside Marie's Play Place",
the World's First Adult Sitcom, arriving at Finer Adult Retailers
Everywhere November 3rd.

Maddy Gets Nasty With Shag at Sherlocks


If you all thought Marie Madison was just a rock star in Sweden,
then take a look at this:

That's Maddy on stage with T.J. Colvin of Erie's Heavy Rock Icon's Shag Nazty last
weekend at Sherlock's.

They were singing Shag Nazty original "Straight To Hell" off the "House of Bedlam" Soundtrack.

Rock on...

Marie's Naughty Bits 1 In Stores Everywhere


(Chatsworth, CA)

October 20, 2009


Marie Madison is very, very naughty and she wants you to see her bits. In six hardcore scenes that Madison stars in and directs, you can watch her get kinky and rough, and at times quite extreme. Additionally, you get to know Madison a little more intimately in bonus interviews where she talks about the adult business, her submissive side and of course, her fans.

Marie Madison’s Naughty Bits is the first in a brand news series that streets on Tuesday, October 20th. This is the second movie released by Pulse—Regarding Jenny was released earlier this month and has gotten rave reviews along with piquing the interests of her new admirers.

“This movie, like all of Marie Madison’s movies will appeal to a wide range of people, including couples,” says Hyland Church, VP of Sales for Pulse Distribution. “If you’re interested in having sex that’s a little bit harder, but need to be shown the ropes, you’ll enjoy this movie. Plus, watching Marie in action is really amazing—it’s definitely not your typical porn.”

Pro-Am star, director and producer Marie Madison is Maddy G Productions. Not a newcomer to the scene, for 10 years Madison has been thrilling men and women the world over with her brand of erotic hardcore this hard and fetish while same time, feminine. With over 60 films under her proverbial belt, Madison has brought her catalog and new releases to Pulse Distribution. Maddy G Productions films have a huge presence on the web, are shot in hi-def and feature exclusive contract performers.

For international and domestic sales inquiries, please contact Hyland Church at Pulse Distribution via email at hchurch@pulsedistribution.com or phone 888.998.0961. Preorders are strongly encouraged. Press inquiries should be sent to Erika Icon/The Rub PR via email at therubpr@gmail.com.

A Play Place Full Of Girls


Yesterday marked the biggest shooting day on Series 3 of "Inside Marie's Play Place",
with no less than a half dozen hotties running around here in various stages of undress.

It's days like this that make all the other more or less bullshit days feel worth it.

After my first 10 cups of coffee and e-mail replies and reloading the camera's,
I rolled out of the Post Production offices and ran right into Jade Houston
looking like this:

Yeah, see what I mean?

And then there was the Shoes:


In Series 3, Jade's story intertwines with Rachel Porter from Legal, who is a tasty little morsel with a wicked streak of attitude. Here's a shot of Rachel after she found her way into Hurley's office.

Cute, right? Well, fortunately, the Lawyers who protect The Play Place don't
take shit from anyone and John Michaels found out the hard way.

You'll want to check out Episode 302 (Second Episode of Series 3) for the details about this hot mess, but let's just sufice to say that John Michael's had a run in with Legal he won't forget.

The day ended where it should have - with Jade on the couch in my office.

Member's will have a look at the whole sordid photo shoot this afternoon, but let me just share this one with you:


This girl is my Kryptonite.

Series 3 launches in High Definition on Friday October 2nd, so don't miss it.

- Mark

Regarding Jenny VS Bang A Midget


This week, Adult Video Stores are looking at What's New on October 6th,
because they have to place their orders now in order to actually have the
DVD Titles on their shelves come that Tuesday.

October 6th, Pulse Distribution is releasing 14 New Releases, among them
our film "Regarding Jenny".

Topping the mix is new stuff from Vivid, Penthouse and our new big sister
Jenna Jameson with a delicious looking little number called "Nikita Loves Jenna".

We don't really even play in the same league as these Studio's, and we certainly
don't share an audience with them - so our "Jenny" isn't in any real competition

And since we're pretty sure that most of our audience is straight, you can remove
the gay titles. Although, "Pounding Jake Bareback" from our new label mate
Jake Cruise has peaked my interest.

We're all pretty sure that none of our people are going to give a fuck about
"Big Dick Gloryholes #3", "MILF Hunter 12", or even "Big Tit Boss 8", that
leaves us with one big contender for the discretionary income of our
core fan base come the 6th.

"Bang A Midget"

Pulse Distribution lists the Top 3 Reasons Why you want This Movie:
    Stella doesn't have to drop to her knees
    Pocket Sized Pornstar, Stella Marie gets down and dirty
    Stella Packs Twice the sexiness of a normal sized Pornstar into half the frame

Okay, you got me right there with Number 1.

To be fair, here's "Regarding Jenny"

And Pulse's Top 3 Reasons why you want This Movie:

    It's the only movie of it's kind, starring an Abyss Creations RealDoll (tm)
    PopPorn.com says "It's a Triumph of Post-Modernism", and HotMoviesForHer.com say "It's the first porn parody I ever truly loved"
    You'll be the hero of every bachelor / frat party if you bring a copy.
Yeah so.... we're probably totally fucked.

Because I'm a Producer on "Regarding Jenny", yet I still have to see "Bang A Midget".

Come October 6th, choose wisely.

- Mark

Shooting Day Cancelled


So out of the blue and with 2 hours notice, Jade Houston cancelled today's

Leave it to our resident Diva to blow an entire day.

We were scheduled to shoot 'The Cold Open', which in Television Terms, is the part
of the show you see before the opening credits - before the unsuspecting audience
knows what they are watching.

It's 'the hook' so to speak, your one chance to 'get them' before they turn the channel, and around here we take particular pride in this portion of our show. If we don't have a killer cold open, we don't start shooting the show.

So... in today's case, our cold open features Jade, and a new actress named Nikki, who have an interesting collision with David Hurley. But without Jade, we had to cancel Nikki, and our entire day gets flushed down the toilet.

So now D.J.'s pissed, and pacing around The Play Place like a caged Tiger.
I don't really blame him, because we prepped for a week for today's shoot.
Everyone retired early last night, got up early this morning, and we reconviened
at The Play Place ready for a day that would really start Series 3 of 'the show'
with a real... uhm. 'Bang'.

I've been in this industry long enough to know that 'shit happens'. Model's flake out,
lights blow up, shots don't always look the way you have them in your head.

These things are escalated working for Marie Madison, because she doesn't use Talent Agency's. She doesn't hire 'Professionals', so what you end up with is - well, Un Professionals.

When it all lines up, it's magical. Jade's performance in "Series 1" and "Series 2" is some of the best I've ever seen, and well, people are still talking about her turn in "Regarding Jenny".

So, you put up with it. You re-write, and you move on.

That's 'the biz', as I've learned it for the last 10 years.

Oh, well.

- Mark

Play Place Update


So what's up everyone?

We're about half way thru the month,
so I figure it's time for an update of
what's going on here at Maddy G Productions.

I'm sure you've noticed there wasn't really an
update at the Play Place site this week, but it's
not because nothing was going on here, it's
because too much was going on that I actually
didn't have time this week to post one.

We'll make it up to you next week, with some killer stuff I have in the can.

As pretty much everyone's heard by now, Maddy's now distributed by Pulse Distribution,
and they are FOR REAL. We simply weren't prepared for the roll out they have in
mind. So, I spent most of this week preparing artwork, assiging UPC Codes and
creating promo materials for our sales team over there at Pulse.

So anyway... we're happy to be able to finally announce that "Regarding Jenny"
will officially be available in most video stores on October 2nd.

And "Naughty Bits Volume 1" will be available at most stores October 16th.

In November, there will be a massive back catalog release of 30 titles all at once,
including "Smoke Junkies", "Bubble Gum Fantasies" and one of my personal
favorites, "Indiscretions".

All of this has been a little overwhelming to D.J. and I , since all of the masters
and artwork and everything has to come from Post Production, but it's completely
free'd Maddy from having to deal with the sales and distribution aspect of what
she does.

And that's good news for all of us.

She's been pouring herself into writing, and the scripts and stories that are
starting to circulate around The Play Place are pretty exciting.

There's "Clan of the Huntress" that started out as a sexy little vampire romp for
Halloween, has now turned into a full blown action / adventure series that's
going to end up extending way past Halloween.

Fans of Marie's 'Sexploitation' Films are going to love her movie "Dai Of The Dragon",
that's set to star Asian Super Whore Dai Ling. Think "Kill Bill" on crystal meth.
It's 12 Day Production Schedule starts October 19th.

She also has an entire "Giantess" Movie in the works, and a new All Girl Movie called
"All Girls Taste Different" that will include a girl / girl scene with Jade that no one's
ever seen before, because it's not in the Member's area.

Jade's scheduled to come back to The Play Place on the 23rd. She's off at some kind
of Swinger Convention. Knowing her, she's probably there to make sure the catering
is handled properly.

So yeah, lots of stuff coming up. Stay tuned, or you'll miss it.

- Mark

Rethinking Our Place On The Planet


When Yale College Student Annie Le disappeared a few days ago, like most of us, I had hoped that she lost her nerve before her upcoming marriage, runaway bride, or whatever.

But when they found her stuffed inside a wall in the basement, I had to take pause.

I've always been an incurable optimist about Human Nature, and what we're capable of.

But here's the thing.

You don't see Tiger's chopping each other up and stuffing their bodies under shrubery.

It wasn't an Elephant who invented Water Boarding.

While Penquins have been known to prostitute themselves for food, you won't see small groups of them huddled in a lab somewhere trying to create a biological weapon capable of reducing their numbers by half.

So, maybe we got it wrong.

Maybe they aren't the animals.

Maybe we are.

- Mark

Maddy's Pulse Distribution Photo

Well, here it is folks, the official 'Glamour Shot' for the Pulse Distribution Web site
of Marie Madison.

Yowza.... no kidding.

Photograph and Lighting by Mark Fainstein.
Video Stores and Resellers along with Cable and Satallite Programmers will be able to access the Maddy G Productions Page at http://www.msplinks.com/MDFodHRwOi8vd3d3LlB1bHNlRGlzdHJpYnV0aW9uLmNvbQ== in the coming weeks.

If you just wanna see what all this fuss is about, then come visit us at Marie's Play Place any time. http://www.msplinks.com/MDFodHRwOi8vd3d3dy5tYXJpZXNwbGF5cGxhY2UuY29t

- Mark

Maddy's Photo Shoot For Pulse Distribution


It's not that we all intended to work on Labor Day, but being in the Entertainment Biz means more or less that you do the work when you have to.

Today we were tasked with taking a photograph of Maddy for the Pulse Distribution Web Site.

Now Pulse is the Biggest Distributor in the World, so their Artistic Director said "Penthouse" is a good example of what we should be going for with this one.


Anyone who knows me, knows that my 'learned-in-the-trenches-shoot-from-the-hip' style is about as far away from "Penthouse" as you can get and still get Maddy in the shot.

This is a job for Uber Glamor Shooter Mark Fainstein. Luckily, his studio is right next
door to ours, but alas... we're here on Labor Day because it's the only time his studio
was free this week.

Here's the Mad Scientist in what I'm pretty sure is some kind of time travel device.

Here's a shot of Maddy in the Makeup Chair:

And the one you were looking for... It's Maddy and her Pussy.

And finally, a shot of D.J. who covered the whole morning for our YouTube Channel.

The actual Picture for The Pulse Distribution Site will be forthcoming, with the full photo set coming to Marie's Memebership Area this week.

Enjoy the rest of your Labor Day, I'm gonna go grab a beer....

- Mark

Cat Napping


When I came back from lunch today, I found this on the couch in my office.

I think it's Cat, napping.

Never a dull moment here at The Play Place.

- Mark

A Billion Times Cooler Than Paul Thomas - PopPorn Reviews Jenny

POPPORN.com Reviews "Regarding Jenny"


Every now and then, we'll come across a movie with such a phenomenal
WTF factor that we just gotta give it a write up. Even if we haven't seen it yet.
Regarding Jenny, from Maddy G. Productions is exactly that kind of movie.
The plot? Well, it's simple enough fare for an adult feature. A young lady moves out west with the dream of making it big on the silver screen. When life beats her down over and over again until she just can't goddamned handle it anymore, she decides to take her boyfriend's advice and move to Erie, Pennsylvania to become a contact star for a porn studio.

Wait...her boyfriend's advice is to give up her dreams and move to Erie, PA to do porn?
What a dickhead boyfriend. Honestly. Giving up mainstream acting to follow a porn career is A-fucking-okay with me, but his advice is to move away from California to make porn in fucking Erie? Shit, maybe if she really works hard, she can get a gig in Macungie, PA, too!

What a dickhead.

Anyway, she moves to...ugh...Erie to be with the man she loves, and to, you know, make porno. Simple enough, right? Here's the catch: the star of this bold new adventure in filmmaking is a young lady by the name of Jenny Densuke, who you may have never heard of before. Mostly due to the fact that she's a highly-priced sex doll. And we don't mean that in the way that a lot of porno starlets are referred to as "cute little fuckdolls" and stuff like that. I mean that Jenny Densuke is actually a doll. A realdoll, actually. Surely you've heard of them by now. They're incredibly expensive and realistic. They're said to be so realistic, in fact, that they appear to be human to many people. Which to me, would make them seem a lot like corpses. But that's just me, I guess.

So, I could go on and on about this, and I'm sure I will, but it's probably best that you watch the trailer first.


Done? Okay, so...uh, yeah. Pretty good stuff, right? I can't decide what I liked better - the visual of the doll "fingering" Jade Houston or the part where the dude puts a drink in her hand, which has got to be one of the absolute saddest things I've ever seen in my life. Getting a sex doll drunk so she'll screw you? I know I'm breaking the fourth wall here by repeatedly mentioning the fact that it's a doll over and over again, but come on...how the shit are you gonna play that off with a straight face? Hell, they even poke some fun at it themselves. Did you notice the Lars and the Real Girl DVD case in there? That shit's what film students call "self-reflexive" (but don't worry if you don't know what that means. Film students are douchebags.).
Anyway, all jokes and crabbiness aside, I'm actually chomping at the bit to see this thing. It looks at least a billion times more entertaining than the average porno fare (fuck you, Paul Thomas), and at least a trillion times more original that the usual alt-porno fare (fuck you, winkytinki!).

And yes...I know that there are a lot of doll fetishists out there who really and truly dig on this shit, and hell, fair fucks to 'em. I don't share the fetish myself, but there aren't many popular fetishes out there that I do find myself able to indulge in (except for smoking, stockings, physical violence, and snot and puke themed pornography). If this is the shit a dude wants to watch to get his dick hard, right on, man. It kind of gives new meaning to the whole "women as objects" argument, too, and could even be viewed as a triumph of post-modernism, if I was one of those douchebaggy film-students I mentioned (and I'm not...anymore).

So keep an eye out. This one's something special.

The complete review can be found here: http://www.msplinks.com/MDFodHRwOi8vcG9wcG9ybi5jb20vbm9kZS8xMTg3

HotMoviesForHer.com Reviews "Regarding Jenny"


This time I had a little prior knowledge of the movie and absolutely pounced on the chance to review it - because it looked like absolute awesomeness!

"Regarding Jenny" is all about the plot and thank goodness - I've never really found sex with sextoys to be particularly fun to watch in a film. Don't get me wrong, Jenny gets lots of lovin' and there's so many 'sex' scenes crammed into this movie (of all the porno groups, girl on girl, sex in the shower, blow jobs, etc.) but the since the main character is a real doll, the burden of creating interest in the movie falls squarely on the shoulders of the other performers to "perform." Without them Jenny just wouldn't come alive for the viewer. Thankfully everyone seems pretty dedicated to treating her like 'one of the guys' as it were.

This is probably the first porn-parody that I've really loved. Some say it reminds them of "Lars and the Real Girl," but I think it more closely resembles "The Hills." You see, Jenny moves to California to follow her dreams of becoming a model, but her douchy boyfriend convinces her to come back East and become a porn star instead. Thankfully I'm pretty sure that hasn't happened on "The Hills," yet anyway, but the general douche-bagary seems like a pretty common theme.

Ok, my favorite sex scene would have to be the blow job scene. It was kind of gross, Jenny makes this weird, not-quite-right sucking sound, but that was also why it was my favorite. With the sucking sounds, Jenny actually seemed like an active player in the scene and became real in a way that wasn't managed throughout the rest of the movie. Plus there was a long explanation about camera placement beforehand that gave a little glimpse into the art of shorting porn that I always love to see.

I really loved this movie. Yes there were parts that were a little off putting (the handcuff scene), but for the most part I really loved it. It had me rolling with laughter and really concerned about the characters and where the plot was going to go. In this instance, the plot and the gimmick is what really sets it apart from other films, since for the most part the sex scenes still had that 'playing with a toy' quality that makes them less than fun to watch. The rest of the movie is just fascinating though. "Regarding Jenny" drew lots of gasps, giggles and "what is that?" around the office. I highly recommend it if you're looking for great moments in porno history that might not necessarily get you off night.

Jenny Rocks Out To SOJH - Again


If you were among the many who giggled all the way through the end credits of
"Regarding Jenny" and not because you just watched a RealDoll get plowed a million
ways from Sunday, but because of the song "Jenny and I".

That's Straight Outta Junior High, and these kids from Nebraska have done it again with
another healthy dose of stupid music for smart people with their brand new CD "Sharknocerous".

You can join Jenny in taking an advanced listen of the new record at www.purevolume.com/straightouttajuniorhigh

And you can check out the song "Jenny and I" on the SOJH CD "Kiss of Deaf"
available at Amazon.

So yeah...

- Mark

Monday, December 14, 2009

Jenny and I Think You're A Slut


It's been another whirlwind week here at Maddy G Productions.

This is usually the spot in which I gush on and on about Jade Houston's usual Friday visit, but a ripple in the Universe caused her visit to be postponed.

I suspect the truth is, that we made her crazy enough to jump out of a plane. I personally hope she lands soft. Knowing what I know about her, she'll probably do it in heels with a smile on her face.

National Video Supply called this week to say that many of their customers are asking about this
'Play Place Show' we're doing, and would we mind selling them a bunch of the DVD's.

And of course we will...

In other news... We've come to an agreement for the Exclusive VOD (Video On Demand) release of "Regarding Jenny" with HotMovies.com, the leader in VOD Technology to offer the film in Pay-Per-Minute as well as Download Rentals. The VOD release will be August 7th.

Volume One of "Inside Marie's Play Place" was released on VOD this Friday, also thru our friends at HotMovies.com, and it's pulling HUGE numbers in it's first weekend, so there's a lot of one handed giggling going on around the World.

We just wrapped "Volume Two" of the show, which turned out even funnier than the first Series, which none of us thought was possible. Like most television sitcoms, "Play Place" is going into Hiatus for the summer, but we'll be back in the Fall with Series Three. You can look for "Volume Two" in stores sometime end of August.

While 'The Show' is in hiatus, Maddy G Productions isn't just sitting on our uhm... laurels. Maddy has a full schedule of productions including new episodes of "Smoke Junkies", "The Agency" as well as installments of some of her more popular gonzo series.

So, you'll be seeing plenty of us during the summer.

And I suspect maybe one or two new faces in The Play Place.

So, it's Sunday, and I'm clearing the hard drives, recharging the batteries and getting
ready for whatever Monday might have in store.

- Mark

Coverdoll.com Reviews "Regarding Jenny"

Regarding Jenny Movie Review
by Midiman
"Finally a doll film that's both honest and sexual...I love it!"
Johnny Sunshine - Yahoo groups

I saw the above comment before I watched the movie. My first thoughts - based on the trailer - were, I totally agree, Right On. This movie is miles ahead of the last RealDoll movie with Ron Jeremy. Mind you I always felt I might stand a chance winning the woman ummm or the doll away from ole’ Ronny. But that is not the case with Jenny. Her friends are not your middle aged, beer gutted sloblike kind of guys. I’m sure if Hurley caught me with Jenny, I’d be wearing a dildo….up my nose and out my ear. If I had to compete with these guys to get laid, I’d be lucky to land a $15 inflatable doll. Anyway, my DVD arrived today and I just finished watching it. It won’t win any Hollywood awards for scripting, technical or continuity, but when I found out they were able to produce it on a budget smaller than some of my corporate videos, it put a whole new light on things. I might even subcontract my next copporate video to Maddy G. Hell, and why not? We all know that sex sells.

Finally, an honest RealDoll movie. I mean, we ALL know what Lars was was really doing with Bianca. As a mater of fact, you have to wonder why two of the original Bianca’s were purchased by the leading actor and director of Lars…hmmm.. was it to conceal DNA evidence from snoopy tabloid journalists? Fear not, because anyone that bought a Bianca, would be so hot to boink her they wouldn’t take the time to get a DNA sample before the taking Bianca her for a test ride. But Jenny is not Bianca. Jenny is a real looker and the best part is, Hurley can get laid without having to pay an expensive restaurant bill or blowing a weeks salary on an expensive bottle of Champagne.

Right from the start, you know this is not a G rated movie. It starts with a passionate scene bordering more on erotica than porn, but fear not, you get the full meal deal before the credits run. By the time the movie ends Jenny has probably seen more sexual partners than the average RealDoll does in a lifetime. Some of the scenes were very erotic with some creative videography.

For me there was a down side…there always is…no respectable critic would be without one.

I was expecting to see the x-rated version of Lars and the Real Girl, especially after seeing the Lars Movie on the end table. But, that was not the case. Whereas Lars was the only one in his movie that thought the doll WAS a real girl, apparently, Jenny was the only character in her movie that knew she WAS a doll. Jenny played her part perfectly. Very beleivable, but I've never seen a doll that wasn't believable as a doll.

The actors did their best. And that was actually pretty good. It was the story I didn’t buy. I’ve always felt a good writer leaves nothing to chance…nothing unexplainable, but in this movie Jenny mysteriously moves from set to set, unassisted as if teleported. She carries on a conversation with her cell phone in her lap, her drinks mysteriously empty. My mind is asking , how does this happen. Even Lars ate Bianca’s meals for her. Maybe Hurley could have been shown doing a little more of the carrying and transporting, or maybe the wheelchair could have been used. Something to connect the fantasy or illusion with reality. The other cast members interact and converse with a blank faced, static Jenny. It just didn’t cut it on that level for me. How did Jenny manage to dupe all her other co-stars...Actually, maybe it is I who have been duped. Perhaps Jenny is not a doll after all, but a mute quadriplegic with a strong sexual appetite. Yeah, now that works for me. Or perhaps, she has been inhabited by a lost spirit that everybody but the audience can hear.

Also, I am not sure if I ever saw Jenny’s eye position change even once. You want your RealDoll to motivate you? Set her eyes to look left or right and slightly up with her head down a little. Nice submissive and alluring look. Shooting Dolls is different than shooting people and each brand of doll comes with it’s own peculiarities. For instance, you should avoid shooting RealDolls from under the chin. The gap where the face meets the neck is a stark reminder you are looking at a doll. Mind you most camera angles were A1. A good photographer can breath life into a dolll. I. I expect it
is a lot tougher to breath life into a doll using video. I'd like a different story between the the hot scenes. Something more believable. Here's a novel idea. Jenny could actually BE a doll and Hurley has a doll fetish.... That works. And the other macho males tease him about it...Yup still working....But what happens when the teasers find them selves alone with Jenny? Yep, I believe that. So much so that I bet they wouldn't leave ole' Midiman alone with Jenny, if Bianca and I dropped by to visit. It's a little slow at times and the dialog a bit repetitive, but this isn't a Hollywood blockbuster, it's a porn movie, and to that it delivers.

Some of my negatives here may be more subjective than objective. I'm sure you'll form your own opinions.
On the plus side, you have to admire the actors, especially Hurley, who lifts Jenny almost effortlessly in several scenes, as if she is a vinyl inflatable rather than a solid silicone 80 pound doll.
For instance, when I hit the road with Bianca, my RealDoll, I take muscle relaxants, anti-inflamatories, pain killers, and oh yes, no respectable doll lover forgets his lube….ummm…I use it in the my doll's eyes to allow for easier adjustment and n the mouth to make her tongue install easier. I also buy Playboy for the articles and if you believe that I have the perfect used doll deal for you. She’s still a virgin…well sort of...I revirginated her last week.

Note to Midiman: Bring Bianca’s chastity belt when you visit Maddy G Productions, or be sure not to leave her unattended and hand cuffed.
As adult entertainment, it really wasn’t bad. I never actually mastered sex with a Real Doll, but Hurley and the boys nailed Jenny every which way they could. Maybe I’ll give Hurley and his fellow doll boinkers a call to see if they might give Bianca and me a little private tutoring. Then I’ll be able to put Bianca’s smiling face on her after our bedroom frolic and know she means it.

Overall, I’d give Regarding Jenny a 7 out of 10. For doll lovers you can bump that to a 7.5 or an 8. Would I run out and buy the DVD? Of course! I buy all the doll movies. Don’t we all? And this one has a lot of smiles and action …action of the more…boinkable kind. Lars, eat your heart out!

What are you waiting for .. go ! Go now and order! And when you watch it you might even notice that CoverDoll also appeared in the movie in a nice early shot with John.
Speaking of private tutoring, Jade had one very hot scene with Jenny. It made me want to be Jenny’s ‘tongue double’. Jade can be very sensual. Sexy is easy…but sensual takes a real woman. Actually, I’d be happy to leave Bianca home and get some one on one private tutoring from Jade. Marie also worked her usual magic, and the whole thing came together the way you’d expect, from a tight knit cast and crew that has logged many hours together on productions.

Did I say he had impeccable taste in websites?. That should be enough reason for Kharn to lay down the green. Also, if they sell enough of these, they may make a sequel, and one thing I can guarantee…they've already earned their doll smarts, so we can expect an even better movie. Hey, maybe they’d even hire an experienced “doll handler” for the next movie. I wonder how much I’d have to pay them to get the job?

Now I must go. I have to ship my friend Playtime’s video to him. He lives in Australia. He sent me some rather strange looking money. I think I’ll keep it in case I get to go ‘down under’ some day, but for now, the only “down under “ that might be attainable for me is with my RealDoll.

I think I will file Regarding Jenny in my doll sex education section. Actually I notice Bianca is watching the movie again already. “Wait for me, dear! But don’t sit on my face this time, I’d like to catch a little more of Jenny second time around.”

Friday with Jade


Well, we finished the final shooting day for 'Series Two' of "Inside Marie's Play Place".

Jenny and Jade both had their first run down meeting, some dude named Iggy showed up and Jade was suspiciously vague about who he belonged to. But Hurley got her to flash one of her tits (the right one) and Marie ended up licking man juice off of Jade's face by the end of the day.

So, all and all... it was a great day at work.

I was a weird combination of exhausted and buzzing from having munched on one two many marshmallows the size of a baby's fist, so I'll upload some of the photos from the day later.

On Thursday night, I got to test out Marie's "Play Safe" Condom prototype. I don't generally kiss and tell, but when I get laid, I'm sure to tell everyone about it.

The lubricant is a light silicone, the same stuff "Wet" is made out of, and the latex is a little thicker, so it's more or less 'Skank Proof', and thank g-d for that.

Maddy gave everyone she knows a handful of the prototypes to test before they go into production over at Rip-n-Roll, and for me at least, it's a 'thumbs up'.

With "Series Two" now 'in the can', I have enough footage to begin assembling a softcore cut of the show for the U.S. Cable Market, who disappointingly is the most 'vanilla' of all of our audiences. Very little gets cut for the U.K. and NOTHING gets cut for the Swedes.
Maybe that's why they love us over there.

Or maybe it's all that footage of Maddy munching Jade.
Haha. Photos and More tales soon...
- Mark

Giant Women and Jade on The Floor


Okay, there weren't really Giant Women in The Lounge, but really, really small dudes.

It's all part of a little known fetish called "Giantism", which revolves around the fantasy
of being shrunken down to a very small size (think a fucked up version of 'Gulliver').

This is just one of the Fetish niche's that we make films about here at Maddy G
Productions, the newest of which is called "Giantess Lounge" starring Jade and Marie.

Really, any reason to get Jade Houston on all fours and crawling around the studio is
reason enough for me to pick up a camera.


The most popular version of this fetish involves the 'little men' being eaten, which
also involves a bit of mouth, throat and hand fetish.

Again... there's never a dull moment around here.

And since much of it is shot from the ground, I get to take shots like
this for the cover:


You can download the whole thing at Marie's web site.

Lastly today, we sent in our advertisement for AVN Magazine for August.

The Magazine will actually show Jade's magnificent boobies, but unfortunately,
MySpace won't. So, you'll have to just try find a way to cope with that.

"Regarding Jenny" is off to a nice start. When Jenny's happy, we're all happy.
The trailer's been fucking blowing up on YouTube.

What else?

Maddy's got her own brand of Condoms now called Marie Madison's "Play Safe"
Condoms. She's testing the prototypes, and then they'll be available thru Rip-n-Roll


Jade's coming on Friday.


- Mark

Thwarted Censors, Jenny's Movie and Jade's Butt


I thwarted the censors at YouTube again!

Well, not really.

As it turns out, there isn't a single frame of "Inside Marie's Play Place" Episodes 3 and 4 that we can show on YouTube. We got a big slap on the wrist last week, 'points taken off', they told our parents, and then put it all on our permanant record.

Yeah, it was ugly like that, so I spent the week cutting and recutting it, and all I ended up with was some amazing long looks at Jade's "Oh" Face.

Which I don't mind saying, gave me a giant chub, but none the less, I couldn't weasel this one in.

Since the point of our YouTube Channel is to allow everyone to keep up with the story and the characters, Maddy and Jade decided to just tell you the story in their own words, from their own filthy little mouths.


Does the outfit look familear? Yeah... I dropped all the heat on Friday with that picture of Jade in the dressing room, so seeing her talking about Maddy making her 'Tap Out' might seem like an after thought, pay attention.

Watching her thought process unravel into words is enough to make your insides turn all gooey and cause you to start breathing weird.

This is none more apparent than in the next little thing you'll be seeing on the YouTube Channel. It's a little opus I'm going to call "A Butt Built For Grabbing".

Yeah, so stay tuned.

Speaking of tuning in... we got a new batch of Server Stats today and learned that "Inside Marie's Play Place" has it's highest concentration of viewers in Sweden.

The fucking Swedes totally 'get' us.

Home of the hottest Bikini Team in the World. Yeah, they totally 'get' us.

So what else?

Jenny signed all of her pre-order posters today in my office. Everyone who pre-ordered the DVD gets a free autographed poster, and we shipped them all out today, so pretty much no one was shooting anything. Maddy was running back and forth to the post office, I was burning DVD's and packing up screeners and Jenny hung out in my office and signed her posters.

I'll tell you what, this girl can't tell a joke to save her life, but she sure is
nice to look at.

And I think that's it.

Today was pretty much a day to wrap up "Regarding Jenny", get the screeners out to the reviewers and the distributors. Jenny sent a copy to Matt McMullan back home.

We'll see what tomorrow brings.

- M

Smoothies and Jade


So, it was another shooting day with Jade, and like everyone here, the day was just BETTER because of it.

She brings an energy with her that makes shooting the show not seem so much like work. Today, we filmed a Giantess Fetish video called "Giantess Lounge", which was fun, if not completely goofy, but working with Jade and Marie in their 'barely there' outfits and getting to shoot it all from the ground was at the very least...


Nothing like an hour or two of up skirts and Maddy and Jade licking their lips.

And simply because I can, I took a camera into the dressing room, but Jade
has been around me now long enough to be ready.

Yeah, when you see that look, you know you're in trouble.

The only thing more unnerving than that, was the look I got from

See what I mean?

Like ANY of us was going to be able to survive this dual onslaught.

So after the 'Giantess' shoot, it was off to the Interview Couch
to try and catch up the YouTube audience on what happened in
Episodes 103 and 104 of "Inside Marie's Play Place."

These two episodes featured a masturbation scene from Jade and then
a girl on girl scene we call "Jade Taps Out", of which there's barely a single
frame that the censors at YouTube will let me show.

Literally, no version of these scenes that would make the cut. But the point of
The YouTube channel is to keep the audience up to date on the STORY, and
well... seeing Jade lose her shit with Maddy face planted between her legs is
quite a story... and we didn't want anyone to miss out.

So, they TOLD the story together, since we can't SHOW it.

Yeah... it was like THAT.

The shoot ended today with a Jade challenging Marie to a Bubble Gum
Blowing Contest.

D.J. did the honors on that one, to get a little experience shooting the
genre so I'll have to let you know how that turned out.

And of course, whenever you get Jade and Maddy in the same room,
on a long enough time line, it's a guarantee they'll end up wrapped up in
a ball with each other on the floor.

And of course.... that happened.

You can look for that naughty bit of film making next week.

For me, now that 'Regarding Jenny' is finally to bed and off to the pressing
plant, I need to catch up on some sleep.

We'll be back to shooting 'The Show' on Monday.

Have a great weekend everyone.

- Mark

Weird Effin Week


So this was the last week of Principal Photography on "Regarding Jenny", and it's all in 'the can'. Ya-fuckin'-hoo.

This was a tough one.

The Movie is being distributed through GMD Films, rather than Marie Madison Media, because it's largely a 'softcore' film designed for a very specific fetish market. Of course, because Maddy's involved there will be a 'hardcore' version that she'll be distributing through her adult channels and on VOD and all of that.

The way the 'Entertainment' Industry in general has shifted, it's almost a neccessity anymore to make rent, that you do whatever you can to straddle as many markets as possible, and over the last several years we've gotten REALLY good at it. It's probably the reason why we're still here, and at least by all outward indications, we're thriving.

Because of Jenny Densuke's own following, for the first time ever,
www.GMDFilms.com is getting more traffic than www.MariesPlayPlace.com and not by small margins. Jenny's getting almost 1,000 hits a day more than Marie. Of course, this is an indication of NOTHING, as this project is like nothing we've ever done before, so there's alot of curiosity about it, and alot of people want to check out Jenny.

This week was fuckin' weird.

Maddy got into a big fight with AVN Magazine - no news there. She's been fighting with them since damn near the beginning of her career. Because of the merger and her new distribution deals, and that she's producing basically a feature film every 10 days now, Maddy's become a signifigant player in the 'Adult' arena, so it's been fun to see her slug it out with AVN because now when Maddy takes a swing, they all fucking duck.

We shot some scenes of Jenny and Marie earlier in the week at a local Day Spa, and they both caused quite a stir. A bunch of blue haired old ladies under the dryers got the full on 'porn star' experience as Jenny and Marie rolled in there and everyone just had to meet them. It took about an hour for the room to settle so we could actually begin shooting, but we got some great stuff, and Jenny got pampered a bit.

There she is getting waxed, and here she is getting what the staff started calling a 'Jenny-Pedi'

And here's an especially interesting one of Jenny in the Tanning Bed.

I purposefully saved my own scenes with Jenny for the end of the movie, because I have this weird thing about having sex with people I don't know. I guess, it's not weird in the 'real world', but in porn, it's more or less expected that after the 'hello's' and paperwork, when the camera's rolling that the guy should just whip it out and bring the heat.

I don't 'work' like that. Never have. For me to be able to have actual sex with someone, I have to actually know them a little, in fact, I have to actually LIKE them. There's got to be some kind of chemistry there, or I just can't - physically - 'do it'.

I've been doing this for a long time, and since I started to understand this part of my physiology and psychosis my life in porn has been considerably easier to manage. So I don't put myself into the 'lineup', and I don't write myself into movies. For the last couple of years, I've focused on my job of capturing the action, rather than being a part of it. There's plenty of guys in the company who have the ability to emotionally un-attach and just 'do the job', so if a model wants to work with me, she'll ask - or the chemistry between us will lead us there. And I've gotten way better scenes from it because of it.

So, "Regarding Jenny" was a 10 day shoot, and I was in the script, so I decided to wait until the very end, so that I could work with Jenny for 2 weeks and get to know her, and build some kind of report with her, and I'll tell you... we've been getting along great. She's really a sweet a girl, smart and a good listener, and we've been spending ALOT of time together during this movie, so when it came time for us to actually do a sex scene together, it had a very natural flow to it, and we both had a pretty good time.

This week, Bradley Grace, a staff writer on the show, and one of my best friends for many years, decided to have a total breakdown. Right in the middle of the week, during the filming of his scenes for the movie, his alcohal addiction jumped on his back and wrestled him straight to the ground in what turned out to be a pretty ugly string of events that should have killed him.

Fortunately, it didn't. But it made for a train wreck of a week that left me worried, frazzled and unable to focus fully on what had to be done this week, as the thought of finding him dead somewhere was very much a real possibility.

He wasn't there for the wrap party, so production on the movie closed on an uncomfortable note. I even cancelled Jade's shoot on Friday, for fear that she wouldn't get my full attention that she deserves, and yesterday, her absence left a big empty space in the studio where she should have been. Everyone noticed, and DJ even suggested that we should have had her come up anyway, just to be there. Unfortunately, she lives too far away to expect that of her. She gives so much to this production as it is, I can't expect her to just hang around to hold my hand while the world around me falls apart.

But like all the other productions, we got through it, and this movie is going to really be something unique. I've been cutting scenes as we go along, so I'll settle into the Edit on Monday and probably get it wrapped by Wednesday so that World at Large can finally see what we've been up to the last month.

I hope everyone has a safe and happy 4th Of July. "Independence" really means something to us, it's sort of our mantra, and so we'll be celebrating the way all good porn companies do: With lots of meat and friends who like to fuck on film.

Have a great one!

- Mark

Jenny Densuke is a Cover Girl


So less than a month into her contract, Jenny Densuke has made the cover of her first International Fashion Magazine CoverDoll Monthly.

The Cover, and the associated Photo Spread was shot by expert photog Mark Fainstein.

Featured in this month's issue is a great article about the show "Inside Marie's Play Place", along with some cool pics of the cast and crew. Including an interesting one of my assistant Marla, who's always pissed she never gets any press.

The pre-orders for "Regarding Jenny" are starting to mount now, so if you have your eyes on a copy Marie's new Opus, I'd seriously suggest you pre-order this one, rather than waiting until the 10th. There simply might not be enough copies to go around by then, and you may have to wait for a re-pressing.

I'm just saying.

You can take a look at the Extended Preview, along with links to Pre-Order your Copy at http://www.msplinks.com/MDFodHRwOi8vd3d3LmdtZGZpbG1zLmNvbS9yZWdhcmRpbmdqZW5ueQ==

If you want to see how sexy she looks in HD, there's a High Definition Version of the Preview there also.

Tonight is our first 'Night Shoot' with Jenny. We're taking her out to a local restaurant where we'll be doing some filming. It's always a hoot to have her out.

We'll see ya on the other side....

- Mark

First Look at Regarding Jenny


So yeah....

Marie Madison's newest feature film "Regarding Jenny" is almost here, and we finally
have a preview for you to look at.
Better than a trailer, here's an Extended Preview of the movie, featuring Jenny Densuke and Jade Houston.

And a BRAND NEW SONG from the recently reunited BEST OF SEVEN called "Kiss The Girl".
And if that doesn't get you off... nothing will.

Thanks to Jenny's own fan base, the movie's already selling very well, so if you want to be among the first to get your hands on a copy of the Special Edition DVD, you can pre-order it here: Regarding Jenny DVD Pre-Order

Otherwise... you can get your hands on it July 10th at http://www.msplinks.com/MDFodHRwOi8vd3d3Lm1hcmllc3BsYXlwbGFjZS5jb20=

- Mark

Play Place News - July 2009


So for all intended purposes, July is behind us and while the East Coast settles into the 'Lazy Days' of Summer, there's no indication of slowing down here at Marie's Play Place.

Series Two of the World's First Adult Sitcom "Inside Marie's Play Place" has just wrapped, and word on the street is that the DVD's of Series One are quite literally flying off the shelves and the signs of that are close to home. There's an Adult Shop down the street from The Play Place that has a poster of Marie, Jade and Jenny in their front window.

I got lucky this morning when I came into the studio, and happened to catch Jenny just finishing her morning shower before she starts her day. In case you were thinking that you had a really cool job, take a look at this:

This is how dirty girls get clean again, and it's a good thing, because we're hearing the buzz about her first feature "Regarding Jenny" all the way up here in Erie, PA. Marie got a surprising e-mail this week from the Festival Director at the Arizona Underground Film Fest asking if they can take a look at the movie for possible inclusion in this year's event.

Wow Jenny, WOW.

And she's not the only one here who's shaking her ass and getting all the attention. Ginger Sex Pot Jade Houston is following in the steps of Kami Andrews, another Marie Madison Discovery, and forming her own Production Company.

Jade will be Directing her own Features and Specialty Gonzo Titles that wil be distributed under the Maddy G Productions Flag. If you think her work under Maddy's direction was smoldering, you can go ahead and turn up the flames, because this girl's got a certain thing I haven't seen in well... okay, EVER.

Fans of the Sitcom don't have to worry, Jade will be returning this fall for the Third Series of "Inside Marie's Play Place".

If you follow the Mainstream Adult Entertainment Press, you'll be seeing news shortly of a Distribution Deal Maddy is putting together with Amy Lew over at Pulse Distribution. If you follow Marie's blog, you know Amy is more or less single handedly responsible for launching Marie's career by getting "The Agency" on cable in Europe. They make a great team, so we're all excited to hear they're working together again.

So before I go, I'll leave you with this:

You're welcome.

Have a great weekend everyone!

- Mark